Below Deck Mediterranean season 9: Joe encounters an "awkward situation" while arranging picnic on the beach

Joe from Below Deck Mediterranean (Image via Instagram/@joebradley_)
Joe from Below Deck Mediterranean (Image via Instagram/@joebradley_)

Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 is only on its second charter in episode 4, which was released on Monday, June 23. Fans and the crew are slowly discovering where some of the members are falling short and if there is any room for change.

Episode 4 saw Joe, Gael, and Aesha disappointed in Iain because he didn't help them with the set up on the beach for the picnic the guests had requested. He also didn't give them a heads-up before bringing the guests to the beach.

When Joe, Gael, and Aesha agreed on Iain's shortcomings, Joe took to a confessional to say that he was:

"In an awkward situation".

He said this because he wanted to talk to Iain about how he acted, but was scared of "stepping on his toes".

What did Joe say after Iain had left him disappointed on episode 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean season 9?

Joe was disappointed in Iain's leadership skills in episode 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean after he left him and Gael alone to set up the beach for the guests. He also didn't ask them if everything was set up at the beach before bringing the guests in.

At the end of their beach day, Joe sat down with Gael and discussed how wrong Iain was. He then took to a confessional to say that he was "p*ssed at Iain".

He added that the only male figure in his life was his grandad, and he taught him that "respect is absolutely everything". He explained that was what was holding him back from speaking to Iain because he was scared of overstepping his boundaries. He said he was in an awkward situation because he couldn't decide between the two.

It is now for the fans to see in the upcoming episode of Below Deck Mediterranean if Joe spoke to Iain or waited for him to improve on his own.

What happened on the beach day in episode 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean season 9?

The guests wanted a day at the beach, where they wanted to play some Olympic games. Captain Sandy had told Iain that Gigi Fernandez, her friend and an ex-Olympic player would guide him on what to do. This made Iain think he didn't have to plan anything.

Aesha asked him to come up with some games so they seemed prepared, but Iain said Gigi would let him know. In a confessional, Aesha agreed to what the captain said but also said that it didn't mean:

"She’s supposed to set it up for you and plan everything. I think he just heard Sandy say that and thought, ‘Sweet! Free pass!'"

Even Gael said they should look up what the Greek Olympics looked like, but Iain gave her the same answer. Gael was worried about going in underprepared. He then dropped Joe and Gael at the beach to take care of things themselves and he returned to the yacht. Joe said in a confessional:

"There’s no leadership at all. Iain could have helped."

He then loaded the Below Deck Mediterranean guests on the motorboat and was en route to the beach. He only radioed Joe and Gael when they were already arriving. Joe and Gael panicked because they weren't ready at all.

Gael even said that Iain should've given them a heads-up about them departing soon, or asked them if the beach was set up. When Aesha arrived, Joe and Gael told her they weren't set up yet because they hadn't had the time, and Iain hadn't helped them plan any games.

Iain only came when the beach day was over and the guests were ready to get back to the boat. Aesha told Iain that there was a miscommunication and that he needed to improve things from the next time on.

New episodes of Below Deck Mediterranean season 9 come out on Mondays, at 9 pm ET, on Bravo.

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