Deal or No Deal Island episode 9: Recap and more details explored

The cast of Deal or No Deal Island (Image via Instagram/@dealornodealtv)
The cast of Deal or No Deal Island (Image via Instagram/@dealornodealtv)

Nick and Rob's feud was the highlight of Deal or No Deal Island episode 9, which was released on April 22, on NBC, at 10 pm ET. This was after Amy, Stephanie, and Nick wanted to get Rob eliminated, while Nick was led to believe everyone wanted him out when he was about to negotiate with the banker. Their distrust for each other and the rest of The Night Owls created a rift that started a new war.

The previous episode, titled Are You Meticulous?, aired on NBC on April 15, and saw Dawson leave the game after he accepted a personal offer of $100,000. Episode 9, titled Are You Ruthless?, had The Night Owls divided into three teams to compete in a briefcase scavenger hunt.

Deal or No Deal Island season 1 episode 9: Briefcase hopping and more

A friendly island excursion

The Night Owls were divided into three teams, with two members on each team. Rob and Aron were put on one team because the others aimed to eliminate either of them. Stephanie and Nick were on the other, while the third team had Amy and Jordan.

The season's esteemed host Joe Manganiello assembled the contestants and explained the rules. Each team had to decide on a navigator and a driver. The drivers would have to find hidden briefcases in the jungles, according to the directions they received from their navigators on the walkie-talkie.

The largest amount in a briefcase was $5 million. There were also two red briefcases with one containing a significant amount, while the other contained the "steal" option. The team with the highest amount in their briefcase would secure first place and get the power to choose the contestant to face the banker.

Briefcase hopping

The group collectively wanted Rob and Aron to end up in the middle position, so one of them could be sent to negotiate with the banker on Deal or No Deal Island. Stephanie and Nick aimed for the top position, so they targeted the case with the highest amount.

Of the two red briefcases, one was grabbed by Rob, while Amy took the other. After several communication breaks and hindrances, the teams got through the grueling challenge and returned to the assembly.

The revelation

Starting with the red briefcases, Rob and Aron's one had $1 million, which meant Amy and Jordan had the "steal" option. They went after one of the cases of Stephanie and Nick, and it turned out that their stolen case had $4 million.

Amy and Jordan's other case contained $4.5 million, which brought their total to $8.5 million. Nick and Stephanie's other case had $4.25 million, which also made their final value. Rob and Aron had a case with the highest value of $5 million while the other had $1 million, bringing their total to $6 million.

The final position on episode 9 of Deal or No Deal Island had Amy and Jordan in the top position, Rob and Aron in the middle, and Stephanie and Nick in the last. Nick wanted to negotiate with the banker, so he did.

Nick's negotiations with the banker

The banker had Nick pick out eight cases in the first round and made an offer of $983,000, which he respectfully declined. In the second round, he picked out only two briefcases and got the biggest offer in the Deal or No Deal Island history. He was offered $4,417,000, which he accepted.

Nick had to pick the value that was lesser than the value offered by the banker, but the briefcase he chose contained $4.5 million, which made him lose the deal. Nick went home with nothing but was proud to have increased the total pot of Deal or No Deal Island to $8,908,000.

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island come out every Monday, at 10 pm ET, on NBC.

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