How long after the experiment was The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion filmed? Details explored

Isaac and Ruth and Courtney and Aiden from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Images via Instagram/@netflixsa)
Isaac and Ruth and Courtney and Aiden from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Images via Instagram/@netflixsa)

The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion episode, released on Friday, May 24, 2024, has sent the internet into a frenzy with shocking revelations. Be it Khanya and Nkateko's baby announcement, Lebo and Nolla's on-camera breakup, or Thabi and Genesis' engagement put on halt, the reunion episode checked in with the couples and their relationship status post the show.

While the official filming dates are unknown, the time difference can be estimated from a recent Instagram post made by Nkateko. While announcing his split from his baby mama Khanya, Nkateko said that they found out about her pregnancy after they were done filming in March 2023.

He also revealed that they decided to split again after filming the reunion episode a month ago, which means they shot the reunion in April 2024. According to this, the duration between the experiment and the reunion episode was almost a year.

The Ultimatum: South Africa details explored

The duration between The Ultimatum: South Africa's actual season and the reunion episode becomes apparent in how far the relationships have come.

Khanya and Nkateko are now parents of a 3-month-old son. After Nkateko didn't propose to Khanya in the final episode, she broke up with him and walked out. On the reunion couch, they admitted to having gotten back and said that they were going to therapy to resolve issues.

However, in Nkateko's post after the reunion episode was released, he shared that they had decided to split after they filmed the reunion a month ago, in April 2024. This gives an estimate of the period between episode 9 and the reunion of The Ultimatum: South Africa.

A lot has changed since Nolla and Lebo left the show mid-season. When they were called to the reunion couch, they revealed that they were back together. Lebo also revealed that she was confiding in Isaac when it came to her relationship. Isaac said she hasn't been happy. However, she later broke up with Nolla on the reunion special.

Meanwhile, among the couples that got engaged on the show, Lindile and Sizakele revealed that they were planning on tying the knot before the end of this year. This means that they would be getting hitched within two years of their appearance on The Ultimatum: South Africa.

Thabi and Genesis also have come far since viewers last saw them getting engaged on the show. They weren't engaged anymore but weren't separated either. Thabi said that they were taking time to resolve the issues that were brought up on the show before they took the next step in their relationship.

As for Courtney and Aiden, the two were still happily engaged and Aiden had even managed to find a job, something Courtney's parents were the most concerned about. Courtney expressed relief when her parents finally approved of Aiden and was looking forward to taking it further.

On the other hand, in 1 year, Ruth had not only moved on from Isaac but was also in a relationship. Isaac was also revealed to be on talking terms with a potential partner.

All episodes of the reality show The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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