"Not buying that apology" — The Ultimatum: South Africa fans criticize Khanya during reunion special

The Ultimatum: South Africa star khanya
The Ultimatum: South Africa star khanya (Image via Instagram/@khanya_nq)

Netflix's The Ultimatum: South Africa wrapped up the social experiment with a reunion special on Friday, May 24, 2024. During the segment, host Salamina asked Siza and Khanya about their multiple conflicts during the show.

Khanya entered the show with her boyfriend, Nkateko, after issuing him an ultimatum to either marry or move on. As part of the show's format, during the six-way swap, Nkateko was paired up with Siza, and the two bonded well together.

Khanya didn't like the closeness her boyfriend and Siza shared and fought with her multiple times on the show. At one point, she body-shamed Siza and called her "rachet" and a "hood rat." During the reunion special, The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member issued an apology to the latter, but fans were not convinced. They took to X to criticize Khanya.

"I’m not buying that apology from Khanya #TheUltimatumSA," one person wrote.
"Salamina failed to hold Khanya accountable. Her behavior is @/bus!ve, and that apology to Siza was wack and more could've been said! #TheUltimatumSA," another person wrote.
"Aiska Khanya even if you look morose and what sounds like an apology is coming out your mouth, you are still a vile human being #TheUltimatumSA," a fan wrote.

The Ultimatum: South Africa fans further said that the cast member was there to "clean up her image."

"Akho Khanya that changed here. This girl is hateful to the core you can just see it in her face during the whole reunion. She’s literally just here to clean up her image and that’s that. No sincere apology or accountability in sight," one person wrote.
"I'm mad that Khanya wasn't called out for her terrible behaviour and what was that vague apology she gave to Siza ain't no way I waited a whole week for this haibo. #TheUltimatumSA," another person wrote.
"Khanya yena apologizing only for the body shaming and not her entire behaviour and being vile. Clearly it's just a scripted apology and not meant. #TheUltimatumSA most boring reunion coz we really needed her to be held accountable," a fan wrote.

Fans of the Netflix social experiment also felt that Khanya was not held accountable for her actions.

"I wanted Khanya to be held to account for sl*t shaming my girl Ruth. I wish Siza had not accepted that forced half-apology. Khanya is a horrible human being noone can convince me otherwise. #TheUltimatumSA," one person wrote.
"After everything she said & did on the show, the ONLY apology Khanya rendered was to Siza for bodyshaming her. That was ALL. And no one else, no one else there, held her accountable for anything else. Instead, Nkateko goes and apologizes for her. Disappointing. #TheUltimatumSA," another person wrote.

Khanya apologizes to Siza during The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion special

The Ultimatum: South Africa saw Siza and Khanya address their conflicts during the show. Siza said that while she wanted to talk to the latter about some of the things she said during girls' night, she shouldn't have gone to Khanya's villa, especially without being invited.

She said that the cast member shut her down and that she was out of words when Khanya told her that she could "chase her." The host of the show, Salamina, asked Khanya if she had anything to say and told Sizakele that a lot of what happened on the show was triggering for her.

However, she noted that despite what she was feeling or going through, she shouldn't have body-shamed The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member and apologized to her.

Episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to stream on Netflix.

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