“She's such a hypocrite” — The GOAT’s eliminated player slams Jill Zarin

The GOAT on Amazon Freevee
The GOAT on Amazon Freevee (Image via Instagram/@amazonfreevee)

Amazon Freevee's The GOAT aired a new episode this week on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The segment was the last one for Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan, as he was eliminated from the reality competition and the race to become the Greatest of All Times.

After he departed from the show, Reza spoke to Parade magazine about his time on the show and opened up about several cast members. One of the contestants he chimed in about was The Real Housewives of New York alum Jill Zarin, who coincidentally won the immunity challenge in the latest episode.

Jill and other Bravo celebrities previously formed an alliance on the show, however, in the latest episode, the RHONY alum didn't pick Reza, increasing his chances of going home. Chiming in on whether he thought the fellow Bravo celebrity would save him, Reza said:

"Zero. I knew I was being exiled. The way Jill was acting, she's such a hypocrite. Her and Pao crashed into Jason's interview room, and they're sabotaging the interview. When I enter the room, it cuts to her saying in the interview, "The makeup room is sacred. How is Reza entering the makeup room?" And it's like, Jill, you were acting exactly like you were acting on Below Deck in GOAT Manor!"

Reza Farahan says Jill Zarin was a "beast" to production during The GOAT

In the same interview, The GOAT eliminated contestant further slammed the RHONY alum and said that she was lucky the final edit didn't show "what a beast" she was to production and the entitlement she showcased.

Reza Farahan added that Jill Zarin's behavior was "so horrendous" while in The GOAT manor, and it was equivalent to how she behaved while on a recent episode of Below Deck season 11. He added that he had "zero faith" in the contestant and knew he didn't stand a chance.

"I felt like she was in a bazaar in Iran and she was trying to sell me something. I knew that I did not stand a chance. If Jill had to save me. I knew I was dead meat."

When Reza was eliminated from the show, he encouraged the remaining seven contestants to vote Jill out and tossed his GOAT status away.

Chiming in about the same, he said the two previously had tension after she spoke negatively about him when Shahs of Sunset came out more than a decade ago. He added that the contestant had to issue him an apology and give him chocolate chip cookies, and Reza believed they were going to let bygones be bygones.

Reza said that when he and Jill came face-to-face as part of The GOAT, he thought they were "good," but she was doing the same thing again.

"Don't say that I'm toxic. I wasn't toxic in the house, girl. You were toxic! You treated production like they were your servants. So when I got to my elimination, I was so full of her double talk, hypocrisy, and how she used every interview bite to make a disparaging comment about me."

Reza further revealed that after he left The GOAT, he unfollowed the RHONY alum on social media, but since it hurt her feelings, he followed her again. He further said that he knew Jill wasn't his friend after he watched her Below Deck episode and her comments about him. He said he should never have accepted her apology and kept "her at a distance."

The Shahs of Sunset star also noted that his manager told him to watch out for her since she was a "snake," but he didn't listen.

The GOAT will return next week with a brand new episode on Thursday on Amazon Freevee.

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