"No one is perfect" — Nkateko defends Khanya during The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion special

Khanya and Nkateko from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Images via Instagram@khanya_nq, @nnkaymahange)
Khanya and Nkateko from The Ultimatum: South Africa (Images via Instagram@khanya_nq, @nnkaymahange)

Nkateko defended Khanya during the recent The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion, released on Friday, May 24. This was after Khanya's harsh behavior on the show garnered widespread criticism from fans on Twitter and elsewhere.

Apart from giving reasons for Khanya's aggression, Nkateko also said:

"No is perfect."

This came after Khanya's reaction to a montage of clips from The Ultimatum: South Africa that showed her being rude to people.

In the reunion episode, the duo spoke about their reconciliation after the viewers saw them split on episode 9 of the show. In a shocking revelation, they said that they were now the parents to a 3-month-old son.

What did Nkateko have to say in Khanya's defense on The Ultimatum: South Africa reunion episode?

Salamina referred to Khanya's "outspoken" attitude on the show and began showing a montage of clips that showed the former's aggression on the show.

In response, Naketeko said that he was gonna take responsibility for how Khanya reacted on the show. He explained that because he and Siza had an amazing relationship, Khanya's feelings were hurt.

He also said that the experiment as a whole, pushed people to their limits, adding that he had never seen Khanya behave in such a manner ever before. He then referred to Khanya's apology to Siza, and said:

"Sometimes you might even regret it. She even apologized".

He then talked about how he consoled Khanya following the aftermath of her aggression on the show. He said that he told her she had been a "ride or die" for him, so even when she wasn't perfect or had fought with people, he knew her contribution to his life, which was his reason for sticking with her. He then apologized to Khanya "for not respecting the boundaries of what a real relationship needs in order to survive."

He also said:

"Personally from my perspective, I wanna thank you and honor you. You're not perfect, but you're amazing. When you're in a good place, you're a sweetheart".

Khanya said that she was touched to hear such things from Nkateko because sometimes one might feel that they are being taken for granted.

Nkateko's defense of Khanya came after she reacted to the montage Salamina showed. She said that the clips didn't aptly represent who she actually was, adding that some aspects of her weren't displayed and that it was good entertainment. She finished by admitting that she said "a lot".

The montage included the clip of her yelling at Siza, asking her to get off the patio. This was the same fight where she fat-shamed her, and was subjected to a lot of criticism from the fans of The Ultimatum: South Africa.

It also included the clip in which she was rude to Nkateko, asking him to take his "cheap wine" away and telling him that she wasn't marriage material for boys, but for men.

What else did Nkateko and Khanya talk about on the reunion couch on The Ultimatum: South Africa?

Salamina kicked off the chat with them by asking Nkateko if he would do things the same way again, referring to the last episode of The Ultimatum: South Africa, where he gave a promise ring to Khanya, leaving her disappointed because she was expecting an engagement ring.

Nkateko said yes, he would do it the same way again because he wanted to resolve things before taking the big step.

The couple then revealed that they were back in a relationship again after splitting in the final episode and were taking the couple's therapy to resolve issues. They also revealed that they were now proud parents to a 3-month-old son, which left everyone shocked.

The Ultimatum: South Africa is available to stream on Netflix.

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