Summer House: Martha's Vineyard season 2 episode 6 trailer breakdown: 3 major takeaways

Summer House: Martha
Summer House: Martha's Vineyard season 2 (Image via Instagram/ @summermariethomas, @natalieecortes, @noellereneexo)

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard season 2 episode 6 aired recently on Sunday, April 29, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The reality show has turned up the heat with many exciting yet argumentative conversations between the cast members. A recently released trailer shows chaos unleashing in the show's sixth episode.

IMDb describes Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard season 2 episode 6, titled A Perfect Summer Storm, as:

“The house fills up with the anticipated arrival of significant others while a few other guests aren't as welcomed. As Jordan prepares for her epic house party, Amir's girlfriend struggles to get comfortable. Summer's pent-up emotions erupt.”

When Jasmine announced her pregnancy last week on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard, things turned chaotic. Noelle and Bria had a misunderstanding, and it looks like it won’t be solved anytime soon. Fans already know how much Bria is at daggers drawn with several cast members.

Everything started fine with Summer talking with her nana, but it left her emotional. Later, the trailer shows many exciting events with several cast members.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard season 2 episode 6 trailer breakdown

1.Summer’s emotional side

The trailer shows the emotional side of Summer. She receives a phone call from her beloved nana and they talk about many things. Summer gets quite emotional once the phone call is over.

Later, fans see Summer’s storm side when she accuses Noelle of being a liar. It turns into a full-blown argument between Summer and Bria, who opt to sort things out privately. Somehow, that discussion also has a teary breakdown. Summer also explains how her friendship with Preston and Jordan has deepened.

The 6th episode of Summer House: Martha's Vineyard had another incident after the party. Shanice, Bria, Summer, and Noelle were in the same room; however, Summer felt left out. When she shared this feeling, Bria replied that she also yelled at her.

2. Jordan’s epic house party preparations

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard cast members await the arrival of significant others, and Jordan is quite excited while preparing for the party.

Visiting members include Preston, Simon’s boyfriend Donald, and Amir’s girlfriend, Natalie. Female housemates can be seen eyeing this mix-up of visitors, and they seem to have doubts about the whole thing.

Among many scenes, the most exciting is when Jordan is looking for Noelle. When he was searching for her, Amir amongst everyone, replied that she was downstairs. Following that, Jordan rapidly went down the stairs. The entire scene between Jordan and Amir has been quite funny.

3. Amir’s girlfriend’s arrival

Along with other visitors, Natalie, Amir’s girlfriend, joined the housemates and hoped things would go smoothly. However, that is not what was going to happen.

Since Natalie’s arrival, she and Summer seem to have prejudices against each other. While discussing how she felt, Summer described Natalie’s presence as “standoff-ish.”

On the other hand, Natalie feels similar vibes when she tells Amir that she doesn’t like Summer, as she has been very “touchy.” Natalie said she doesn’t like such things.

For the fans who don’t already know, during the 1st season, almost all the female housemates except Jordan were interested in Amir.

Hence, later on, Amir expressed how he felt weird with Natalie in the house because they knew almost every member was present.

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard season 2 episode 7 will air on May 5 at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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