The Amazing Race 36: Elimination order explored

Seven teams have been eliminated so far in The Amazing Race (Image via Instagram/@theamazingrace)
Seven teams have been eliminated so far in The Amazing Race (Image via Instagram/@theamazingrace)

Until now, a total of seven episodes of The Amazing Race season 36 have been released. Also, seven of the thirteen new teams that the viewers were introduced to in the CBS reality TV competition series have now been sent home. The series season 36 overview is stated as follows:

"The Amazing Race 36 is the thirty-sixth season of the American reality competition show The Amazing Race. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, it features thirteen teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, competing in a race around the Americas to win US$1,000,000."

Contestants eliminated from the competition include Maya & Rohan, Chris & Mary, Anthony & Bailey, Michelle & Sean, Kishori & Karishma, Derek & Shelisa, and Sunny & Elizabeth. On the other hand, the remaining teams are Ricky & Cesar, Angie & Danny, Rod & Leticia, Amber & Vinny, Yvonne & Melissa, and Juan & Shane.

Eliminated teams from The Amazing Race 36

1) Maya & Rohan

The Amazing Race 36, episode 1, titled You Can't Drive While You're Crying, was released on March 13, 2024. In this episode, the thirteen paired teams were given a clue in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

After the race started, Maya and Rohan found themselves lost and couldn't see themselves on the right track. Due to navigation issues, they were eliminated even before the leg ended. The two siblings were upset that their journey had ended so quickly.

2) Chris & Mary

Chris and Mary (Image via CBS)
Chris and Mary (Image via CBS)

The optimistic father-daughter duo Chris and Mary were eliminated in episode 2. The March 20, 2024 episode, Trust But Verify, continued the premiere episode race. At the Pit Stop, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's house, eleven participating teams reached on time, except for Chris and Mary. Hence, they were sent home.

3) Anthony & Bailey

On The Amazing Race 36, episode 3, the third leg race of the competition took place near El Peñon de Guatapé in Colombia. During the race, the twin brothers Anthony and Bailey navigated their pathway until they headed towards the Road Block. However, in the end, they couldn't make it to the Pit Stop and eventually were eliminated from the game.

4) Michelle & Sean

Michelle & Sean (Image via CBS)
Michelle & Sean (Image via CBS)

In episode 4, titled Those Who Wander Are Not Lost, the remaining ten teams had to decide between "detours getting in sync" or "decoding a rebus puzzle." The episode started with all the contestants paragliding over Medellín, Colombia. The last ones to leave were Michelle & Sean, alongside Sunny & Elizabeth, Kishori & Karishma, and Angie & Danny.

During the decoding symbols challenge, Michelle & Sean found themselves in the seventh position, which was short-lived, and by the end of the race, they were last.

5) Kishori & Karishma

The Amazing Race 36 episode 5 was released on April 10, 2024. In this episode, players had to search for "Marilyn Monroe's iconic Thunderbird car" during the race in Santiago, Chile. Even though Karishma finished her task, it was already too late. The show host, Phil, announced that the two cousins were eliminated from the show.

6) Derek & Shelisa

Derek and Shelisa (Image via CBS)
Derek and Shelisa (Image via CBS)

Out of the eight teams, Derek & Shelisa were sent home in episode 6. The April 17, 2024, episode showcased their coordinating and collaborating abilities, however, the two were confused by the end of the race.This was why their journey on the CBS competition series couldn't last long. Despite Derek & Shelisa being a strong team, their time on the show concluded this early.

7) Sunny & Elizabeth

Sunny & Elizabeth (Image via CBS)
Sunny & Elizabeth (Image via CBS)

The most recent episode 7, titled Walk And Chew Gum Baby, was released on April 24, 2024. In this episode, the remaining teams had to look for clues in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sunny and Elizabeth found themselves in the last spot until they were eliminated.

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