The Circle season 6: Where to follow the cast on Instagram?

The Circle season 6 contestants (Image via Tudum)
The Circle season 6 contestants (Image via Tudum)

With the first four episodes of The Circle season 6 arriving on Netflix on April 17, fans are curious to know more about its 10 influencer contestants and one AI bot. Looking at their Instagram profiles gives a better idea of their identities, which are paramount to their existence in the game.

In the game, where you have to make other contestants believe in your identity, real or fake, the contestants are trying to weave a narrative, which could make more sense to the viewers if they refer to it from their social media.

With two players playing as catfishes, eight as themselves, and one catfish AI bot, the current season is more intense and technologically nuanced.

Here are the Instagram profiles of 11 participants of The Circle season 6

1) Autumn (@autumnannofficial)

Autumn is 21, from Tennessee and works as a Ranch Hand. She plans on reaching the finale of The Circle by posing as her "genuine weird redneck self" and building alliances with other players.

2) Jordan (@itsjordanstaff)

This 24-year-old is a photographer from Texas. He's playing The Circle himself as well but with a twist. He wishes to pose as himself from before he lost weight so that people view him as a "friendly giant".

3) Quori-Tyler (@quorityler)

Quori is a former NBA dancer who hails from Los Angeles. She is 26 and is playing herself. She has watched all previous episodes of the show and considers herself a "mastermind". She also says that "she's single as a pringle" and would not mind romancing with her co-stars.

4) Lauren (@laurenshiraa)

Lauren comes from Philadelphia and was a former Twitch streamer. At 26, Lauren is playing herself on The Circle. Because of her experience as a Twitch streamer, it won't be difficult for Lauren to convince other players of her authenticity.

5) Myles (@yungpapi.fuego)

This AI engineer from Los Angeles is 29. Myles has expertise in calling out catfishes. Because of his experience as an AI guy, Myles is more likely to recognize the AI bot, Max, than any other player.

6) Cassie (@cassiecsaylor)

Cassie is 29 and hails from Kentucky. This mom of two considers herself an expert at catching catfish because she posed as one and caught her ex-husband cheating.

7) Kyle (@kylefullerofficial)

Kyle is a Professional Basketball player and originates from Miami. At 31, Kyle will be posing as himself but with a few twists.

Despite being married in real life, he will enter single in the game and will pose as a basketball trainer instead of the player. His dog Deuce will also join him in The Circle house.

8) Brandon (@b_randonbaker)

At the age of 34, Brandon is one of the two catfishes of the game. Hailing from Ohio, this nursing assistant is going to pose as his friend and colleague Olivia. He said that he wants to be a catfish because he wants to feel hot, something he has never felt before.

9) Steffi (@spirit_sis)

Steffi is a psychic medium hailing from California and is 35. Posing as herself, she aspires to get to the finals using her psychic abilities and astrology skills.

10) Caress (@_ladycaress)

This 37-year-old hails from Dallas and works as a motivational speaker. She's the second catfish of the show after Brandon, as she poses as her younger brother Paul.

She's planning on using his 360,000 social media followers and pave her way to the finals. Viewers might recognize Paul as the singer behind Lil Boo Thang.

11) AI bot

In the newest twist of the game, an AI bot will be posing as the catfish Max. Max's presence is also significant as a technological experiment, apart from his curiosity-inducing characteristic. Max's life on the show will be a spectacle for viewers.

AI Bot Max (image via Tudum)
AI Bot Max (image via Tudum)

The next installment of The Circle's two episodes will be out on April 24, only on Netflix.

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