The Circle season 6: Who went home in episode 7?

The Circle season 6 star Cassie Saylor
The Circle season 6 star Cassie Saylor (Image via Instagram/@cassiecsaylor)

Netflix's The Circle dropped four new episodes on Wednesday, April 23, 2024. During the new batch of episodes, fans saw two cast members get eliminated and two new contestants get introduced. Episode 5 saw Steffi pack up her bags and leave, and in episode 7, it was Cassie.

In the second-ranking session of the season, Cassie placed 7th (last) after Myles implied that she was a snake in the game during a drawing challenge. While Cassie was at the bottom, Kyle and Quori-Taylor were the top 2 influencers of the session and had the power to block somebody from the game.

The two deliberated in The Hangout, and the names that came up were Olivia, Cassie, and Paul, but ultimately, they chose to block Cassie from The Circle season 6.

Cassie meets Olivia, aka Brandon, in The Circle season 6

After Cassie's elimination from The Circle in episode 7, the players received an alert noting that Cassie was on her way to meet one of the contestants. While everyone anxiously waited to see who she would meet, she made her way to Olivia, aka Brandon's room, and both of them screamed.

Cassie stated that she never would have been able to guess Olivia was a catfish. When Brandon introduced himself as himself, Cassie said she had forgotten all about that but asked him who Olivia was, and he said she was a friend from work.

"Everything I said to you, I meant 100%. I fell in love with you instantly," he told Cassie.

The eliminated contestant revealed that everything she said about herself while on The Circle was true. She stated that she married her high school sweetheart and had two children with him but was "left high and dry" after being cheated on.

She told Brandon that she met her fiancé under a year after her divorce and couldn't have asked for "anything better." She told him that she applied to be on the Netflix reality show to prove to her daughters that they shouldn't take "crap" from anybody.

Brandon said that aside from using a fake persona, everything he said in the show has been truthful. Cassie told him that she was in an alliance with Myles and proceeded to "spill the tea" about The Circle season 6. About Quori-Taylor, she said that the contestant sent her home. She revealed that she was in an alliance with Quori as well.

Cassie added:

"The way it looks now, she's the one that's kind of playing the middle, because I was in an alliance with her and you. I had a group message with her and Myles, and look who's sitting here right now, kicked to the curb!"

Cassie further said that one didn't necessarily need to be the winner of a "big prize" and said that being a part of the experience was her prize. Brandon told her that he thought she was "such a strong woman." The two hugged each other goodbye, and Cassie told him that she loved him for him and not just as his persona in The Circle season 6.

Before leaving, Cassie told Brandon to eliminate Myles and Quori-Taylor and told him that they were "shady."

The following morning, Cassie's post-elimination message was played for the players. While she didn't take names, the cast member stirred the pot on her way out.

Cassie told the cast that if they thought she was a catfish, they were wrong. She added that her biggest regret in the game was "aligning" with who she aligned with. Quori-Taylor said she was sure Cassie was talking about her since she blocked her.

"You think that I'm a snake? There are plenty more snakes in this garden," she said.

She concluded her message by telling the cast to be 100% themselves and "cut the fake out."

Episodes of The Circle are available to stream on Netflix.

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