The Goat episode 6 — Who won immunity?

The GOAT contestant Jill Zarin
The GOAT contestant Jill Zarin (Image via Instagram/@mrsjillzarin)

Amazon Freevee's The GOAT aired episode six on Thursday, May 30, 2024. During the segment, a new GOAT was found after the contestants competed in an immunity challenge.

The first challenge consisted of contestants performing as individuals and having to take part in a puzzle game. Each contestant had to stand under three balloons filled with oatmeal and pop each other's balloons before the same was done to them by successfully solving jumbled-up words. While Reza Farahan was the first contestant to lose his balloons, Jill Zarin was the last one standing and won immunity.

This meant that in the upcoming vote-out, the contestants could not vote for her. The contestant who got eliminated in episode 6 with the most votes was Reza Farahan.

The GOAT episode 6 - contestants compete in two challenges

In the latest episode of the Amazon Freevee show, the cast started the competition with an individual challenge where they competed to have immunity in the upcoming vote-out.

In the first challenge of the episode, each contestant had to stand under three balloons that acted as their lifelines in the task. If all three of the balloons were popped, they would be eliminated from the challenge. The first person out was Reza, followed by Joe and Weston. The fourth person whose balloons were popped in The GOAT episode 6 was Jason. The remaining contestants were all female, which made the girls' alliance a little more prominent than before.

Next out of the competition was Da'Vonne, followed by CJ. Paola from 90 Day Fiancé and Jill Zarin were the last ones remaining, but the RHONY alum came out on top, and she was immune from the upcoming elimination.

The following day, The GOAT contestants competed in a team challenge, and since Jill won the challenge, she had the power to pick the teams. The RHONY alum picked Jason, Wendell, and Da'Vonne, who made up the purple team. The orange team consisted of CJ, Joe, Reza, and Paola.

In a confessional, Jill explained that although she was safe, she wanted to ensure that both teams had a target for the next elimination.

The host explained the challenge and said:

"Every house reality show needs one thing, a great house. For this challenge, you're gonna step onto a balance beam, grab a rope connected to a delicate table top, that only stays level when the rope is taut. One by one, you will move sixteen bricks to the center and build a house. If you fall off the beam, you have to start over. First team to build the house and hold the completed house steady for a full eight seconds, will win the challenge."

While the Orange Team was initially in the lead with four bricks, the Purple Team only had two. Although it took a while for the latter to find their footing, around brick number 9, the two were close. They stacked up the bricks almost at the same time; however, both teams' houses collapsed.

They got to brick 16 around the same time but had to hold it steady for eight seconds. The Orange team's house collapsed once again, and Jill Zarin's team won in The GOAT episode 6.

Later in the episode of the Amazon Freevee reality show, The GOAT contestant Reza expressed his frustrations with Jill Zarin for picking Jason over him. He believed he would be eliminated next and packed up his bags ahead of time.

At the vote-out, a majority of the contestants voted for the Shahs of Sunset alum, resulting in his being eliminated from The GOAT.

The GOAT will return next week with a brand new episode on Amazon Freevee on Thursday.

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