The GOAT: Who went home tonight? 

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Joey Sasso, Jason Smith, Teck Holmes, Jill Zarin, Paola Mayfield and Reza Farahan at the "The GOAT" Los Angeles Tastemaker Event (Image via Getty Images)

The GOAT episode 6 focused on the drama between two Bravo besties and the elimination challenge. Reza found himself in a tough spot when he realized he was a target. Before the elimination challenge, Jill didn't choose him for her team either.

The only hope remaining for Reza was to win the second challenge. Unfortunately, he couldn't do so, and the majority of votes were against him, which is why Reza was eliminated from the Prime Video series and sent home.

Bravo Breakdown, The GOAT episode 6, aired exclusively on Prime Video on Thursday, May 30, 2024. The episode synopsis is stated as:

"After a GOAT Manor-shattering twist, two cast members' friendship is tested in a week of house reality-themed challenges. The reality stars get heated as they fix their eyes on the $200k prize."

Reza Farahan was sent home on The GOAT episode 6

During The GOAT episode 6, show host Daniel Tosh explained to the remaining eight contestants what the first challenge was. As the players were celebrating house reality TV shows, each participant had to guess the word in between the jumbled-up letters. If they unscramble the word correctly, they must pop one of the three balloons above another player's head, whom they might consider a threat.

Reza had two of his balloons popped by Da’Vonne and Paola, and with only one balloon remaining, he quickly realized that he wouldn't stand a chance of being this week's GOAT. Reza feared he was going to be eliminated soon, and most of the contestants on The GOAT were probably going to vote against him now that it was obvious he was a threat.

However, when it was revealed that Jill was this week's GOAT, Reza felt relieved, as he considered Jill his Bravo best friend. According to Reza, Jill would protect him later in the game, and somehow everything would turn in his favor.

“I’m hoping that plays in my favor," Reza said.

When it was time for the elimination challenge, Jill chose Jason, Da’Vonne, and Wendell on her team, which meant Reza wouldn't be able to secure his position in the game now that Jill hadn't chosen him on her team. Reza was disappointed and upset by his fellow Bravo star.

“Jill is straight tripping if she’s thinking these teams are fair. She stacked her side. So, [I’ll do] whatever I gotta do … You’re going down, Jill," he said.

Reza refused to lose hope, but unfortunately, Jill's team won, and Reza, Joe, Paola, and CJ lost the elimination challenge. Then it was time for The GOAT players to cast their votes, and before doing so, a worried Reza rushed to the girls’ green room, where the ladies were getting ready for hair and makeup.

Jill told Reza that he wasn't allowed to enter that room, however, Reza insisted she listen to what he had to say. The GOAT contestant shared that his feelings would be hurt if Jill voted him out:

“If I end up going home when you’re GOAT, and you vote me out, I’m going to be so hurt just on a personal level."

Meanwhile, Jill thought Reza was willing to do anything to stay in the game and reached out to her only for protection. She said:

“[This is the] first time he’s come to me, which tells me a lot. He’s only coming to me because he’s in trouble.”

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