The Kardashians season 5 episode 2 - Recap and more details explored

The Kardashian sisters (Image via Instagram/@thekardashianshulu)
The Kardashian sisters (Image via Instagram/@thekardashianshulu)

Episode 1 of The Kardashians saw most of the Kar-Jenner sisters in Paris attending Paris Fashion Week. On Thursday, May 30, episode 2 was released, picking up where episode 1 had left off.

It saw Kendall walking the Loreal Paris show, held under the Eiffel Tower, as Kris Jenner cheered. Back in LA, Khloe and Kourtney prepped a hospital bag as Kourtney was in her last month of pregnancy.

The end of the episode saw the watch party for Kim's season of American Horror Story. Her role in the show was celebrated by friends and family and also garnered great reviews online, which was a moment of pride for the Kardashians.

What went down on The Kardashians season 5 episode 2?

Episode 2 of The Kardashians started with Kris and Corey going on a romantic Paris date. While there, Kris was grateful for her relationship with Corey and shared that they had been together for 10 years now. With the glistening Eiffel Tower in the background, Kris video-called Kourtney and Khloe to share the special moment with them.

Back in LA, Khloe visited Kourtney, where she spoke to her about the problems she had been facing since Tristan went to Cleveland. She said that he was a lot of help, and after him, she had been doing everything for the kids by herself, which made her consider the option of hiring a nanny.

Back in Paris, Kris was seen attending the prestigious Loreal Paris show, which was held right under the Eiffel Tower. After she and Kim struggled to make the Victoria Beckham show in time, in the last episode, Kris made it a point to reach the Loreal Paris show well in time. She hooted and cheered as Kendall walked the stage, accompanied by background dancers.

Back again in LA, Kim was visited by the maker of American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, on The Kardashians. He commended her for doing well while shooting the show, despite her inexperience in the acting field. He also said that the makers had asked him if he thought Kim would say yes to doing a show of her own.

Kim and Kris seemed excited as Ryan started narrating the plot to them. He said he wanted her to play the most expensive divorce lawyer, which was liked by both Kim and Kris, but they discussed how much Kim had on her plate and they'd have to figure out how they could fit this show into her schedule.

At Kourtney's house, she showed off the scrapbook she took hours to make to her friends, who loved her dedication and work. She then recorded a bedtime story for her little one. Meanwhile, Khloe met with Kylie for a quick catchup.

Kylie told her how she met with Jordyn while she was in Paris. She said she loved how they had a distanced relationship now and were at peace with each other's presence. Kylie then took to a confessional to appreciate how Khloe has always wanted her happiness over everything else. The sisters then proceeded to go to their mom's.

At the end of the episode of The Kardashians, the ladies gathered in their pajamas at Scott's house for a watch party for Kim's season of American Horror Story. They put a huge projector on, with cookies, candies, wine, and chocolates, and made a watch party out of it.

A nervous Kim was relieved when not only her friends, but the reviews online also appreciated her work on the show. After the show, Scott opened a bottle of champagne as everyone celebrated Kim's successful acting rendezvous. Kim too toasted and proudly said, "I can officially apply for a star on the Walk of Fame."

New episodes of The Kardashians season 5 come out every Thursday on Hulu and Disney+ Hotstar.

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