The Kardashians season 5: Gypsy Rose meets Kim Kardashian

The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" - Arrivals
Kim Kardashian at the 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" - Arrivals (Image via Getty)

The Kardashians season 5 premiered exclusively on Hulu on May 23, 2024. The newly released season focuses on the family dynamics of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and how they navigate their personal and professional lives full of glamour.

In one of the preview clips, an unexpected meetup caught the viewer's attention. SKIMS owner Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose were seen hugging each other in the footage. This moment was a shock to the fans, as neither Kim nor Gypsy had revealed that they had met in person.

After Gypsy was released from prison, she shared that she wanted to work with reality TV star Kim Kardashian for her upcoming project. Gypsy told Extra on January 5, 2024, that working with Kim would be a cool opportunity for her as Kim has a "huge platform" for prison reform.

“I think it would be cool because she has a huge platform for prison reform, and I have been in prison. So, I think having those two elements, I think we could probably do some good for the world," she shared.

The Kardashians star Kim and Gypsy Rose's potential collaboration

Even though Kim and Gypsy have not mentioned an official collaboration, fans think Gypsy's appearance on The Kardashians wasn't a coincidence.

Kim has previously worked for criminal justice reform, where she was actively speaking about the early release of prisoners. Apart from her contributions to multiple presidential administrations, Kim is also a law student and wishes to follow in the footsteps of her father.

Despite failing the bar exam three times in two years, Kim didn't give up. In December 2021, Kim took to Instagram and revealed that she had passed her exam. The Kardashians star wrote a heartfelt caption for her father, saying how he would be proud of her for not giving up on her dream occupation.

“I know my dad would be so proud and he would actually be so shocked to know that this is my path now but he would have been my best study partner. I am told he was notorious for making fun of people who didn’t pass on their first attempt like he did, but he would have been my biggest cheerleader!” Kim wrote.

As a law student, Kim Kardashian has made successful attempts to free imprisoned people, including Momolu Stewart, Judith Negron, and Tynice Hall.

Gypsy Rose believes that Kim's efforts towards prison reform are one of the common elements between them, apart from fame. Together, they could do some "good for the world." Previously, Gypsy had expressed her intentions to collaborate with Kim when The Kardashians star shared she liked Gypsy's 2017 documentary, Mommy Dead and Dearest.

As a reply, Gypsy recommended Kim "unite forces together" to bring about change in the "legal system." Gypsy was released in December 2023 after serving her sentence of seven years. She and her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, were arrested for murdering Dee Dee.

Gypsy's mom, Dee Dee, abused her daughter and faked Gypsy's mental condition. Gypsy and Nicholas planned to murder Dee Dee, who was found dead in 2015. Gypsy was given parole in September 2023; however, Nicholas was given a death sentence.

To see whether there is a possibility of Kim Kardashian and Gypsy Rose's collaboration, stream The Kardashians exclusively on Hulu. New episodes air every Thursday.

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