Vanderpump Villa episode 7: Recap and more details explored

Vanderpump Villa season 1 cast (Image via Hulu)
Vanderpump Villa season 1 cast (Image via Hulu)

The new series Vanderpump Villa starring the famous Vanderpump Rules star Lisa Vanderpump is off to a great start. Since the premiere episode was aired on April 1, 2024, the Hulu show has garnered positive reviews.

So far a total of seven episodes have been released, episode 6 revealed "ugly truths" and highlighted cast members' relationship status at the "festive dinner."

Vanderpump Villa episode 7 titled A Divorce Paty was released exclusively on Hulu on April 29, 2024.

The episode synopsis reads as follows—

"After an explosive dinner, lines are crossed, and one staff member questions their future at the chateau; when a new group of guests shows up to celebrate their divorce, old memories resurface, sending another staff member into a downward spiral."

What happened on Vanderpump Villa episode 7?

Vanderpump Villa episode 7 started with Priscilla Ferrari's conversation with Lisa Vanderpump about the former's decision to go home. Priscilla told Lisa that she felt she had disappointed her, Lisa on the other hand encouraged her to take the step if it felt true to her. She also allowed Priscilla to join her staff in the future if she wanted to.

After the heartfelt conversation, Priscilla exited the show leaving everyone emotional. Later in the episode, Lisa switched up her team's responsibilities and put Stephen Alsvig in charge of a staff meeting instead of Eric Funderwhite.

Viewers could sense some tension between Stephen and Eric as the former might have considered his fellow cast member a threat.

Eric said—

“I have to show Lisa I’m doing my job as chateau manager.”

Following the meeting, it was revealed that a divorce party for a new guest of honor was to be held at the chateau. Eric opened up about his divorce to Caroline Byl, who went through a difficult time after her marriage ended. Hannah Fouch on the other hand also started reconsidering her relationship with Marciano.

The Vanderpump Villa cast member felt that she and Brunette had lost their spark. During a conversation with Lisa Vanderpump and guest of honor, Sara, she confessed that the reason behind Sara's divorce " resonates with me a lot.” Fast forward to the dinner, Sara decided to have a bonfire where she burned the memories of her ex-husband.

For Eric, this was the "dumbest thing" although he diverted his focus from Sara's celebration to Stephen's performance. The audience could sense Eric was bitter about the divorce party and he had showed his dislike openly.

Referring to Sara's ex, he told one of the bridesmaids—

“I wonder how [her ex] would feel if he knew this was going on.”

In another staff meeting on Vanderpump Villa episode 7, Lisa appreciated everyone and their efforts, she also introduced a new cast member Nikki Millman as a server joining the chateau.

Upon a new server's arrival, Hannah suspected Marciano already knew Nikki, Emily was disappointed that Nikki replaced her position and Marciano tried to prove that he was not siding with Nikki in front of Hannah.

The episode, however, ended in an explosive verbal fight between Nikki and Hannah making Nikki cry. Marciano tried to intervene so this news doesn't reach Lisa but he got into an argument with Hannah as well.

The upcoming episode 8 titled Love, Death, and Beyond is set to release on May 6, 2024. This episode will continue from where the Nikki-Hannah drama ended, where Hannah will attempt to resolve her issues and face "past insecurities."

All Vanderpump Villa episodes are available to stream exclusively on Hulu.

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