Who is Buying London star Oli Hamilton married to? All you need to know about his wife

The Couple together (Image via @olihami)
The Couple together (Image via Instagram/@olihami)

Netflix's real estate series Buying London, featuring Oli Hamilton, premiered on May 22, 2024. Hamilton is married to Vivi Solomon, also known as Avia Solomon. She is a renowned makeup artist with an impressive client list, including celebrities like Selena Gomez and Daisy Jelley.

The couple has been married for five years and share their journey on the show Buying London, including celebrating Oli's sobriety and their anniversary. Despite some on-screen drama involving Oli's colleague Juliana, the couple remains strong together.

As a famous makeup artist, Vivi has gained significant popularity on social media. She often shares her professional work and personal moments, giving fans a glimpse into her life.

The synopsis of Buying London reads:

"Follow high-end agent Daniel Daggers and team as they navigate London's luxury property market, where the drama is as jaw-dropping as the price tags."

Viewers see the talented DDRE Global team attempting to conquer London’s luxury property markets by following the footsteps and guidance of Daniel Daggers.

Everything you need to know about Buying London star Oli’s wife

Vivi, aka Avia Solomon, is a successful makeup artist with over 195K Instagram followers. In addition, she has earned close to 20K people following her on TikTok. What makes her so popular is that she occasionally shares her makeup techniques and professional insights. Her work and online presence highlight her talent and dedication to her passion—makeup.

Vivi and Oli are still going strong, even though Oli was seen flirting with his co-worker, Juliana, in Buying London. To dismiss all the cheating rumors, Oli posted a picture with his wife on Instagram on May 24, 2024, and captioned it:

"You don’t go looking for Swarovski when you have a diamond at home."

Later in the show, even the co-star Juliana attempted to do some damage control. She said openly that this was all just light-hearted banter that the crew and the cast engaged in and also added that Oli is not at all her type. To clarify her stance, she also hugged it out with her fellow co-star's wife.

Buying London's trailer explained

Netflix released the Buying London trailer on March 21, inviting viewers to join luxury estate agent Daniel Daggers and his team as they navigate London's Super Prime Property market.

Daniel, in his introduction, disclosed his impressive track record of selling over £5 billion in properties. As per Netflix, he highlighted the industry's entrenched practices and emphasized DDRE's mission to revolutionize the real estate business as a small independent enterprise.


Despite on-screen drama involving Oli's co-star Juliana, Oli and Vivi's marriage remains strong, as evidenced by their public displays of support. Watch the couple on Buying London as the seven episodes are currently streaming only on Netflix.

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