5 things that Fallout season 2 needs to feature 

What to expect  in season 2 ? (Image by Prime Video)
What to expect in season 2 of Fallout? (Image by Prime Video)

Fallout is a series created by Geneva Robertson-Dworetwhich and Graham Wagner for Amazon Prime. This series is based on the role-playing video game of the same name, created by Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain. The first season of this post-apocalyptic series was released on April 10, 2024. After its huge success and positive reviews, the show renewed for a second season just a week after the release of season 1.

Fallout is the story of post-apocalyptic survivors, who must stay in underground bunkers, and save themselves from bandits, radiation, and mutants, in the city of Los Angeles. Season one of this series stars Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, and others. Since Fallout has been renewed for a second season, let us look at five things that the upcoming season needs to feature.

5 things Fallout season 2 needs to feature

1) Cooper's family and their fate

What is next for Cooper's family? (Image by Prime Video)
What is next for Cooper's family? (Image by Prime Video)

The audience would like to know more about Cooper Howard's family and what happened to his wife Barb and his daughter. Barb was involved in the nuclear war, which caused major destruction and changed their lives forever by decimating the world. Is she cryogenically frozen along with her daughter, and whether they are still alive is a question that needs to be answered at the earliest.

Cooper and his daughter were last seen on horseback trying to flee the affected area after which they got separated. The separation is still a mystery. Now that Cooper has become a ghoul, does his daughter know about it is another question of the hour. Will Cooper kill his wife after he gets his daughter back and how will he deal with the family situation is what will be interesting to see in season 2.

2) New factions

More Factions are expected in season 2 (Image by Prime Video)
More Factions are expected in season 2 (Image by Prime Video)

Factions play an important role in the Fallout game and series. In the first season, we saw factions such as Brotherhood of Steel, Enclave, Settlement of Filly, NCR, and Raiders. Season 2 can feature other factions, and can start with Enclave, a powerful faction that has turned into a paramilitary organization. Another faction called Caesar’s Legion can become more dominant and grow in season 2.

In the season one finale, we see that the faction known as Brotherhood of Steel takes control of the cold fusion technology. Fallout season 2 should not be about one or two factions but a lot more than that, like the game. This would ensure that the dominance of one faction does not stay for long and is always challenged, which will make the faction game bigger and the storyline better.

3) Appearance of Mr. House

Mr House is likely to appear in 'Fallout' season 2 (Image by Amazon Prime)
Mr House is likely to appear in 'Fallout' season 2 (Image by Amazon Prime)

Mr. House, who was seen in a flashback in the season one finale, should be featured in season 2 so that there is serious competition for Vault-Tec. Being an enemy, unless someone is on his side, his presence can cause serious conflicts in season 2.

While his body is cryogenically frozen, his brain is connected to a computer. The device manifests his consciousness. Fans would like to see him in season 2 and there is a high chance that he is alive, as there are other survivors too from pre-war times who have been alive after the apocalypse.

4) What is next for Maximus?

What is next for Maximus? (Image by Prime Video)
What is next for Maximus? (Image by Prime Video)

Maximus, who helped the Brotherhood to get hold of the secret of cold fusion, making them the ruler of the wasteland, falls in love with Lucy at the end of season one.

Maximus, who always dreamt of a high rank and glory, does not seem to want any of this anymore, now that he already has all the fame and is a hero for the Brotherhood Of Steel.

He wants a simple life with Lucy, and to live in a vault happily with her. However, there are chances that he might help Lucy to avenge the destruction of Shady Sands, by destroying Hank. If he does this, The Brotherhood will not want him anymore and he will have to leave the faction, and lose all he has achieved over time. Will he do it for Lucy? That is a question that we should get answers to in the next season.

5) Additional Monsters

We can see The Deathclaw in Season 2 of Fallout (Image by Prime Video)
We can see The Deathclaw in Season 2 of Fallout (Image by Prime Video)

When it comes to monsters, we see a lot more of them in the video game than in the series. Other than The Mutated Gulper, Yao Guai, Ghouls, run-of-the-mill dad roaches, and the irradiated black bear, we do not see a lot of monsters in season one. However, with the Vault-Tec experiments going on, we should see new monsters in the show soon. In season one, we saw a Deathclaw skull, which can hint at the arrival of the Deathclaw soon.

Only time will tell what new monsters are going to come to the show. However, the creators must have something interesting, following the season one finale and the interesting hints that have been given.

Fallout season one is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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