Captain America's cameo in X-Men '97 episode 7 explained

Captain America
Captain America's shield in X-Men '97 (Image via Marvel Studios on Instagram)

X-Men '97 episode 7 was another huge entry in the show as it not only introduced the season's big bad Bastion but also featured a cameo from Marvel Comics' Man Out of Time—Captain America, aka Steve Rogers. The popular Marvel superhero's cameo was earlier teased in a promo following the mid-season completion of the show.

Captain America's cameo in X-Men '97 episode 7 saw him interact with Rogue. While out hunting for Gambit's killers, Rogue ran into Steve Rogers and had a conversation with him that didn't go well. However, this wouldn't be the first time Captain America has interacted with one of the X-Men as he joined Wolverine for an episode as well in X-Men: The Animated Series.

Captain America interacts with Rogue in X-Men '97 episode 7

X-Men '97 episode 7 begins with Gambit's funeral. While most of the X-Men are present there, Rogue decides to stay absent from the entire ordeal as she is enraged and on the hunt for the people responsible for killing Magneto and Gambit. The mutant goes on a rampage, turning the United States military facilities upside down to try and locate their killers.

She comes across a specific facility that is supposed to be housing Henry Gyrich, but instead of finding him, she comes across Marvel Comics' man in blue and red stripes himself, Captain America, who is voiced by Josh Keaton. The initial interaction between the two shows tension between them, but Steve Rogers still decides to tell Rogue about what he is up to in X-Men '97 episode 7 and reveals that he is after the same people.

He then ends up giving Rogue a tip about the location of Henry Gyrich and Boliver Trask and reveals that the American government is keeping them around in Mexico City to get an operation for OZT off the ground. Rogue asks Rogers to help her in her mission, but he turns her down as he wants to do the operation by the book. This enrages Rogue, which makes her fly up in the air with his shield and she proceeds to throw it into the mountains.

With Captain America being directly involved in finding Boliver Trask and Henry Gyrich, it does leave the door open for a future appearance from him. However, when that will happen remains to be seen.

Captain America first interacted with Wolverine in X-Men: The Animated Series

Before appearing in X-Men '97 episode 7, this version of Steve Rogers has also interacted with Wolverine in X-Men: The Animated Series. Steve Rogers first appeared in the episode Old Soldiers, which saw Wolverine remember his World War II days when he was out on a special mission and happened to run into Captain America.

The duo teamed up in the episode as they were both after Red Skull, who was holding an important scientist captive. Later on, Captain America also had a cameo appearance in the episode titled Red Dawn. His appearance in X-Men '97 episode 7 is the third time where he has appeared in this universe.

Fans can check out X-Men '97 episode 7 as it is currently streaming on Disney+.

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