Will Invincible season 2 feature Spider-Man? Exploring Josh Keaton's casting and taking a look at Marvel Team-Up #14

Marvel Team-Up #14 cover and a still from Invincible Season 2 (Images via Marvel Comics and Amazon Prime Video)
Marvel Team-Up #14 cover and a still from Invincible season 2 (Images via Marvel Comics and Amazon Prime Video)

The first teaser for Invincible season 2 premiered recently, and fans received some great news along with it. While the release date of November 3, 2023, was revealed, we also got a look at all the new stars who will be joining the series, like Peter Cullen, Chloe Bennett, Sterling K Brown, Tatiana Maslany, and more. However, one name stood out from the rest.

It was revealed that Josh Keaton will be joining Invincible season 2, and this quickly set off the speculation that Spider-Man will be appearing in the series, as the duo have previously teamed up in the comics as well, and Keaton himself is best known for having voiced Spider-Man previously. In light of these facts, Spider-Man appearing in season two makes a lot of sense to fans.

Invincible and Spider-Man teamed up in Marvel Team-Up #14 to stop Doc Ock

Invincible and Spider-Man on the cover of Marvel Team-Up #14 (Image via Marvel Comics)
Invincible and Spider-Man on the cover of Marvel Team-Up #14 (Image via Marvel Comics)

Marvel Team-Up is a concept that saw many of Marvel's most famous superheroes team up for one issue to fight a particular evil. Many writers had tackled that concept, and in 2005, writer Robert Kirkman got to write his own stories and spin his own vision on the concept.

Comig off hot from his work on Invincible at Image Comics, Kirkman saw a great opportunity to bring Mark Grayson to the Marvel Universe, and Marvel Team-Up #14 saw him join forces with Spider-Man to stop Doc Ock. In Invincible's story at the time, Mark was fighting Angstrom Levy, a villain with dimensional powers, who could send a being into a different universe.

During the battle, Levy ends up sending Mark to the Marvel Universe and lands in the middle of a skirmish between Spider-Man and Doc Ock. After a brief fight, Mark puts Doc Ock out of commission for a bit. However, he begins worrying about his family in his universe as Angstrom Levy might still be causing chaos there.

Spider-Man sympathises with him and asks Mark to hang on, and the two bond by sharing their backstories. The story pretty much then sees him help Spider-Man catch Doc Ock while he figures his way out to getting back to his universe. Interestingly, following the recent announcement, it pretty much looks like this could be a storyline that we just might see in season two of Invincible.

Josh Keaton cast in Invincible season 2


Josh Keaton has been revealed to be joining season two of the series, although his character hasn't been named yet. It's being kept under wraps for now, and fans believe it will be that way until the show comes out. However, what hints at him joining season two of the show as Spider-Man is that Keaton himself voiced the Webhead in The Spectacular Spider-Man series, and Angstrom Levy is the villain in season two.

It was previously hinted that the show will introduce multiversal elements in season two of the series, and Angstrom Levy's introduction here makes complete sense as he was the one who sent Mark to the Marvel Universe in Marvel Team-Up #14.

Keaton also recently made his appearance again as Spectacular Spider-Man in the recently animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, and in the teaser for season two of the show, the cover for Marvel Team-Up #14 could be seen as well.

Sony, who holds the animation rights for any Spider-Man related show that goes beyond 45 minutes, also recently made a deal with Amazon Prime Video to release shows exclusively based on the wallcrawler. Since Invincible actually streams on the platform, it's not too out of the realm of possibility to think that the wallcrawler might just appear in the upcoming season.

However, fans won't exactly know until the show comes out. So, to see if Josh Keaton does make his return as Spider-Man, check out Invincible season 2 when it begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video on November 3, 2023.

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