Evil Season 4 Episode 5 ending explained: Who is Captain LeMeyer?

Evil season 4 episode 5 ending explained (Image via Paramount+)
Evil Season 4 Episode 5 ending explained (Image via Paramount+)

Evil Season 4 Episode 5, titled “How to Fly an Airplane,” was released on June 20, 2024. The latest episode continued from where it left off in the previous installment, resuming on the new ordeals faced by Kristen. Patric Brammal’s Andy Bouchard won’t be a part of the coming episodes and it is yet to be confirmed whether his exit is temporary or permanent.

As seen in Episode 5, David, Ben, and Kristen’s latest investigation was way more dangerous than any of the previous ones they dealt with so far in Season 4. As it was anticipated, the episode indeed put the trio in a situation where they were in trouble, and that too in mid-air.

Things escalated to a point where the trio almost gave up on hope, but then everything changed. Follow along with the article to learn more about how Evil Season 4 Episode 5 ended and all the major highlights.

Disclaimer: This article contains significant spoilers for Evil Season 4 Episode 5. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Evil Season 4 Episode 5: Does a true story inspire Captain LeMeyer’s ghost?

Captain LeMeyer, as seen in Evil Season 4 Episode 5 (Image via Paramount+)
Captain LeMeyer, as seen in Evil Season 4 Episode 5 (Image via Paramount+)

In Evil Season 4 Episode 5, Captain LeMeyer was first coined by Tori, a fellow flight attendant who worked with Vicky. Given the trio was unaware of the person, Vicky’s friends unveiled that LeMeyer was a fabled ghost, who often haunts people mostly involved in the aviation industry.

Some of Vicky’s friends claimed that they had seen him during their work, while others dismissed it as superstition. In reality, there are many legendary ghost stories indeed, but there is no mention of the ghost pilot, Captain LeMeyer, anywhere.

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Thus it is confirmed that LeMeyer is an original character of the Evil franchise. David was the only one out of the trio who had encountered the fabled ghost while he was returning to his hometown with his team from Italy.

During the turbulence, supposedly caused by an evil entity, David saw Captain LeMeyer, donning his formal clothes and bearing a disfigured face. After relaying this to his team, Ben stated that it was the lightning strikes playing tricks on his eyes.

David eventually got his hands on the holy water he received from Father Dominic and sprinkled it over the box carrying the relic. Surprisingly the box melted whilst emitting a pungent smoke and eventually, the turbulence was stopped.

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Evil Season 4 Episode 5: What does the Kukeri mean?

The Kukeri relic, as seen in Evil Season 4 Episode 5 (Image via Paramount+)
The Kukeri relic, as seen in Evil Season 4 Episode 5 (Image via Paramount+)

Since the beginning of the episode, the relic that the trio encountered at Vicky’s house was considered to be a portion of Jesus Christ’s original cross. David, Ben, and Kristen got to learn about this after they were called to be at the Church where Father Dominic finally revealed himself to the rest of the members.

Dominic said that the trio had to escort the relic back to the Vatican by themselves, which was pretty much an order by him. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts and flying miles away from home, they and the Vatican were disappointed to learn that the relic was a fake.

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The trio was to take the relic back to the U.S. and suddenly while they were in mid-air, David received a call from Dominic who informed him that it was the box that was the relic, not what was inside. Dominic further explained to him in brief that the box was demonic and belonged to Kukeri.

Kukeri are described as elaborately costumed Bulgarian men, who wear oversized fur costumes to completely cover their bodies and they cover their faces with wooden masks. Around New Year and before Lent, the Kukeri perform a dancing ritual to scare away evil spirits.

Before the call ended, Dominic revealed that the box was part of a big collection being brought into New York, which would be assembled in the service of the ultimate corruption. Dominic also disclosed that the evil already made it to New York.

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Evil Season 4 Episode 5: Did Sheryl just make things more complicated for Kristen?

Kristen with her daughters, as seen in Evil Season 4 Episode 5 (Image via Paramount+)
Kristen with her daughters, as seen in Evil Season 4 Episode 5 (Image via Paramount+)

During the premiere of Evil Season 4, Sheryl was told by Kristen that she no longer would be associated with her, and her daughters. Although Sheryl was heartbroken, she continued on the path she had chosen for herself.

After so many days had passed, Sheryl finally got the opportunity to reunite with her granddaughters in the absence of Kristen. Given Sheryl bargained a deal with Leland, she had to take care of the Antichrist baby.

After learning that her granddaughters inadvertently got locked out of the house, Sheryl rushed to Kristen’s home along with the baby. Her granddaughters were immensely excited to meet the kid.

Although Sheryl was overjoyed to see the siblings bond with the baby, she couldn’t stop herself from revealing that he was indeed their little brother. Hence she spilled the beans by disclosing that Timothy was Kristen’s son.

Kristen, who is already facing profound sadness for Andy's condition, will be devastated to learn about her mother’s latest stunt, which will eventually put her in a tight spot.

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Stay tuned for more news and updates on Evil Season 4 and all your favorite TV shows and movies as 2024 progresses.

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