In which episode does George die in Young Sheldon?

George Cooper Sr. (Image via X/@YoungSheldon)
George Cooper Sr. (Image via X/@YoungSheldon)

After seven seasons, the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon has finally come to an end. A spinoff prequel of The Big Bang Theory, the show follows the childhood life of the intellectually gifted Sheldon Cooper. While Jim Parsons portrayed adult Sheldon, the younger version of him in the series was played by Iain Armitage.

The season 7 finale showed Sheldon writing a memoir about his upbringing in Medford, Texas. He was seen reflecting on his relationship with his family and expressing regret at not having spent much time with his father, George, before his death.

George Cooper Sr.'s death does not come as a surprise as it was foretold in The Big Bang Theory. The pivotal moment occurs in Young Sheldon season 7 episode 12 but is not shown onscreen. Instead, his death is relayed verbally to his family at the end of the episode.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Young Sheldon.

How did George die in Young Sheldon?

George and Mary Cooper (Image via X/@YoungSheldon)
George and Mary Cooper (Image via X/@YoungSheldon)

George Cooper Sr.'s death was teased multiple times throughout the show. In episode 3 of the first season itself, he suffered from a heart attack. Additionally, he also suffered another mini-heart attack in the season 4 finale while flirting with Brenda Sparks.

However, death finally came for the beloved father in season 7 episode 12, A New Home and a Traditional Texas Torture. George Sr. (Lance Barber) was offered his dream job of coaching college football at Rice University. The position required relocating from Medford, Texas, to Houston, and the Cooper household was supportive of the move, except for Sheldon.

The next day, George Sr. left for work, promising to be back in time for a family photo shoot. As he was leaving for work, Sheldon was too absorbed in his book to exchange any word with his father. In the evening, Tom Petersen and Coach Wayne Wilkins arrive at the house to deliver the tragic news.

George had passed away suddenly from a heart attack at work. Mary, Missy (Raegan Revord), and Meemaw broke down in tears, while Sheldon sat with an unreadable expression. He would later come to regret his final moment with his father, wishing they had engaged in meaningful conversation before George left for work that fateful day.

How old was George in Young Sheldon?

A still from 'Young Sheldon' (Image via X/@YoungSheldon)
A still from 'Young Sheldon' (Image via X/@YoungSheldon)

According to the series, George Cooper Sr. was born on June 10, 1944. In addition, a February article by Comic Book Resources mentions that Young Sheldon season 7 takes place between 1993 to 1994.

This would make George around 49 or 50 years old at the time of his death. Lance Barber, the actor who portrays the character, is 50 years old as of May 2024 which aligns with the age of George.

There, however, have been several inconsistencies with the timeline. Sheldon mentioned that his father died when he was 14 in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. But in another episode, he mentioned his father being alive when he was 15. The finale of season 7 also saw Sheldon arriving at Caltech. In another one of The Big Bang Theory episodes, Sheldon mentioned coming to the university at 14.

While an exact date was not provided by the series, it can be assumed that George Sr. was either 49 or 50 years old in season 7.


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