Netflix's Baby Reindeer: What happened to Martha in the end?

A poster of
A poster of 'Baby Reindeer' (Image via Netflix)

Netflix released its latest offering, Baby Reindeer, on April 11, 2024. The dark comedy miniseries is based on the real-life story of comedian Richard Gadd, who plays a fictionalized version of himself named Donny.

The show portrays Donny as an up-and-coming comedian working as a bartender. After he meets a lonely woman named Martha at the bar, he gives her a free drink and they engage in light flirting. After this, Martha becomes obsessed with Donny. She begins sending him several messages and voicemails and starts turning up wherever he goes.

In the end, Martha ultimately gets arrested on charges of stalking and harassment. She is sentenced to nine months in jail.

The seven-episode series, which was adapted from Gadd's award-winning one-man play, blends emotion and humor to offer a suspenseful and entertaining experience.

Let's explore what happens to Martha in the finale of Baby Reindeer in detail.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Netflix series, Baby Reindeer.

What happens to Martha in the finale of Baby Reindeer?

Jessica Gunning as Martha in 'Baby Reindeer' (Image via Netflix)
Jessica Gunning as Martha in 'Baby Reindeer' (Image via Netflix)

In the first episode of Baby Reindeer, Donny accepts a friend request on Facebook from Martha. This pivotal decision marks the beginning of the drama and danger that follows his life. Soon, Martha begins harassing Donny's ex, Keeley, and turning up at places such as the bus stop and his stand-up gig to get his attention.

Despite reporting her to the police, Martha continues stalking Donny. She splashes a drink on Keeley and even smashes a glass on Donny's head. During a comedy competition, Donny abandons his usual act and instead talks about his s*xual assault, the downfall of his relationship, and his current predicament of being stalked.

Donny and Martha meet in a bar (Image via Netflix)
Donny and Martha meet in a bar (Image via Netflix)

When an audience member takes a video of Donny's public confession and posts it on the internet, it goes viral. However, in episode seven, Martha calls Donny and threatens to expose the video to his parents.

Donny decides to take matters into his own hands as he travels to Scotland to meet his parents. There, he reveals everything to them including his s*xuality, assault, and the stalking incident. He is met with support and Donny comes back to London.

Martha begins stalking Donny (Image via Netflix)
Martha begins stalking Donny (Image via Netflix)

Donny goes to the police station to file a complaint against Martha, but he is told that she cannot be arrested without any incriminating evidence. In order to find one, he begins listening to the thousands of voicemails she sent him and continues to send. Eventually, he receives a voicemail where she threatens him and his family with violence. After he reports it to the police, Martha is finally arrested and charged with stalking and harassment.

As the case goes to trial, Martha pleads guilty with tears in her eyes. In the courtroom, she and Donny share one last look as she faces a nine-month prison sentence and a restraining order for five years. Thus, Martha's story ends with her behind bars.

The ending of Baby Reindeer, explored

A still from 'Baby Reindeer' (Image via Netflix)
A still from 'Baby Reindeer' (Image via Netflix)

After Martha is arrested, Donny feels lonely and falls into a state of depression. When Keeley visits to check up on him, she invites him to move back in with her and her mother. Donny accepts and starts living with them again.

There, he finds an old script with notes from Darrien, the man who assaulted him. He decides to confront Darrien, who instead offers him a work opportunity. Donny accepts, but he is emotionally torn.

Richard Gadd as Donny (Image via Netflix)
Richard Gadd as Donny (Image via Netflix)

Donny turns to Martha's old voicemails for comfort where she can be heard praising and flattering him. She referred to Donny as a "baby reindeer" because he reminded her of her childhood stuffed toy, which was a source of joy for her. In a bar, Donny listens to the voicemail and cries.

As he goes to pay for his drink, he realizes that he does not have his wallet on him. In a scene that echoes his encounter with Martha in the first episode, the bartender assures Donny that the drink is on him. Thus, the final episode ends with a role reversal for Donny.

Baby Reindeer season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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