Acapulco Executive Producers on Maximo Gallardo's daughter (Exclusive)

Eugenio Derbez as Maximo Gallardo (From the Apple Press Site)
Eugenio Derbez as Maximo Gallardo (From the Apple Press Site)

Acapulco continues the story of Maximo Gallardo in two different timelines - as a young and ambitious man making his way up the Las Colinas Resort corporate ladder, and in the present day, as a ruthless billionaire.

The third season is scheduled to air on Apple TV+ from May 1. Eugenio Derbez plays the older Maximo, telling his story to his nephew Hugo, played by Raphael Alejandro. Much like the audience, Hugo too is shocked when he learns that Maximo has a daughter that nobody knows about.

Sportskeeda discussed the big reveal at the end of Acapulco Season 2 with Creator Austin Winsberg and Showrunner Sam Laybourne, both of whom are executive producers for the series.

Introducing Maximo's daughter was a great way for Acapulco's Eugenio Derbez to show off his acting chops!

Eugenio Derbez is a veteran actor with several notable credits to his name. That said, his parts in Acapulco Seasons 1 and 2 were more from the perspective of a narrator, telling the story of Maximo.

Sam Laybourne spoke about how introducing Maximo's daughter, Paloma, allowed Derbez to showcase the range of his acting skills:

"It’s a really important arc. We also realized Eugenio is an incredible dramatic actor. So, we wanted to give him a storyline not just as a storyteller this year but also as somebody with real goals. How do I connect with my daughter? Who I’m clearly estranged with since she says – DAD."

Even the mighty billionaire Maximo Gallardo, who has the world at his disposal is no match for his daugther's razor-sharp tongue. Try as he must to make amends, he falls short. This was a great way, feels Laybourne, to showcase Derbez's comedic skills:

"In a great way, it gets Eugenio who’s so deft to completely have egg on his face. And have to be humbled by this young woman who’s so sharp."

So, do the men behind Acapulco know the entire story of Maximo Gallardo then? What corrupts a likable young man and makes him the present-day version of Gallardo?

Austin Winsberg pondered this question and replied:

"We definitely know the season goal. So, what Sam and I do at the beginning of the season before any of the writers or anyone else gets involved is that we spent a few weeks, a month just talking. Him and I. And we kinda map out the general arc for all of the characters. And big ideas. Like in Episode 5 we’re going to do this big thing."

The Acapulco creator clarified that while he doesn't know how the story of Gallardo ends at the moment, he knows the general direction:

"So we kinda know a lot of the guideposts along the way and the general area we want to do and where we want to take it. Whether we know the exact end goal for the entire series? Not exactly. But we definitely know a lot of the steps along the way."

The show also stars Enrique Arrizon, Camila Perez, and Fernando Carsa, among others. How excited are you about Acapulco Season 3 on Apple TV+? Let us know in the comments.

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