Acapulco Executive Producers on the Maximo and Julia romance in Season 3 (Exclusive)

Enrique Arrizon and Camila Perez (From the Acapulco TV series)
Enrique Arrizon and Camila Perez (Image via Apple TV+)

Acapulco returns for its third season on Wednesday, May 1, on Apple TV+, at a very interesting juncture, one might add, where young Maximo (Enrique Arrizon) and Julia (Camila Perez) have finally gotten together.

What could possibly go wrong?

This is the question Sportskeeda posed to Acapulco creator Austin Winsberg and showrunner Sam Laybourne, both of whom serve as Executive Producers of the series.

Acapulco is a story in two timelines. Young, wide-eyed, very much in love Maximo in the past, played by Arrizon, and modern-day, single, ruthless billionaire Maximo played by veteran actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez.

The executive producers provided insight into how the past influences the present. Read on for more.

The Acapulco executive producers wanted us to just "enjoy the couple together"

Despite the mutual attraction between them, it was indeed a rocky road that brought Maximo and Julia together in this Apple TV+ original. Julia was engaged to be married to Chad (Chord Overstreet), while Maximo was with Isabel (Gabriela Milla) in Season 2.

So what does the future hold for the first couple of Acapulco? Austin Winsberg laughed:

"I think anytime you’re with the girl of your dreams, it could go wrong at any moment."

Showrunner Sam Laybourne elaborated upon how the innocent and ambitious Maximo of the past becomes the billionaire of the present day. At the same time, he wanted the audience to relish the precious moments the couple spends with one another:

"The way we approach it is that we know in the future, that is in the present day, we know that Maximo is a billionaire who lives on his own. Single guy. So, something happens at some point. And what we wanted to do this year is not fully answer that question but definitely give the audience a lot of details. And we want to enjoy this couple together."

Of course, not many in Las Colinas Resort, the nexus of Acapulco are aware of Julia and Maximo becoming a couple. Laybourne continued:

"And it’s not easy right? Because they’re secret at first. And do we get to enjoy the fun of them sneaking around? Those first days. Coming out to their colleagues and getting their opinion on them dating. And so that is a big driver of comedy."

It was clear to Acapulco fans from the very start that Maximo and Julia are meant to be together. This is what fuels the third season, according to Sam Laybourne:

"But we love these characters together. Their chemistry is so real. They love being around each other. That it’s easy to write to them."

Austin Winsberg spoke about how the two timelines also add a whole new dimension to the series, making it fun for the writers to give it their best:

"But from a writing perspective, it’s interesting because…on the one hand in the past you’re showing the start of this relationship and in the present that things have gone bad, trying to navigate the good and the bad together is one of the challenges, one of the fun things to write."

How can this fairytale romance possibly go wrong after all the challenges that brought Maximo and Julia to the dance? Catch the third season of Acapulco on Apple TV+ to find out on May 1!

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