Cregan Stark will not be a part of House of the Dragon season 2 despite strong first impression 

A still from HOTD (Image via @LordSnow/X)
A still from HOTD (Image via @LordSnow/X)

The first episode of House of the Dragon season 2 premiered on June 16, 2024, and has already managed to take fans right back to the adrenaline-filled political scenario of Westeros. The first season of the show, of course, ended on one huge cliffhanger, indicating things would get much darker, which has already started.

The first episode also had plenty of great additions. This included taking fans back to the real heartland of Westeros, Winterfell, where so much happened in the original series, Game of Thrones. The introduction of Winterfell came with the introduction of the Starks, with its latest addition, Cregan Stark, with whom Jace (Harry Collett) went to meet in the previous season.

Cregan and Jacerys's meeting started the episode, hinting that there was a lot that was to come from this dynamic. However, as revealed by actor Tom Taylor, Cregan Stark will not be a big part of the story (yet) this season. He told EW:

"I was just itching to do more, as well,...I was in the costume. I was like, 'I just want to keep acting.' But, yeah, it's just a little tease for now."

Co-creator Ryan Condal also explained why Winterfell cannot be a big part of House of the Dragon season 2, affecting Cregan Stark's screen time.

Why was Winterfell's backstory from the novel left out in House of the Dragon season 2?

Adapting a novel like Fire and Blood requires a lot of sacrifices at times, and this time the sacrifice came in the form of Winterfell's backstory. Those who have read the novel already know that there is much more about Winterfell than what was present in the first episode.

The part was reportedly omitted because of the narrative challenges that came with adapting it to the screen. In an interview with EW, Condal further explained that it was difficult to incorporate the Winterfell story because there was no inherent drama for the screen.

He told EW:

"We definitely always wanted that scene,...For a long time, I think going back to filming season 1, I had it in my head that that was going to be the opening sequence of season 2. But as fun as that sequence is, beyond Cregan agreeing to send soldiers South, there isn't any real inherent drama in that scene. He's already sworn for Rhaenyra."

He continued:

"We know that Starks are never going to go back on an oath, no matter which Stark swore it. So it's more of a sequence to bring us back into the world, be in a place where we're ahead of Jace — we know his brother is dead, he does not yet know it — and the fun fan service of going to the North and seeing that."

So, North and Winterfell will just be a tease for this season, and so will Cregan Stark. But fans can expect this arc to return later in the future seasons of House of the Dragon, as the story does see a lot of Stark action.

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The first episode of House of the Dragon season 2 is now streaming on Max.

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