"They live and breathe what they do"—Lily Gladstone says 'Under the Bridge' scene partners "terrified" her the most

Lily Gladstone recently opened up about her new series (Image via Hulu / Instagram / @lilygladstone)
Lily Gladstone recently opened up about her new series (Image via Hulu / Instagram / @lilygladstone)

In an interview with People magazine, which was published on April 27, 2024, actress Lily Gladstone opened up about her experience of working in the Hulu limited series Under the Bridge.

While talking about her scene partners and her co-stars, she said in the same interview:

"Each one of those kids, when I was blessed enough to be in the scenes with them, they upped my performance.”

She further said:

"There's way more complex characters for their age group, and they handle it so beautifully. The strength of all of their performances and what they brought to their roles is just so indicative of how much kids are capable of. They live and breathe what they do."

Additionally, referring to her former co-stars of Killers of the Flower Moon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, she said:

"Walking out of working with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, the scene partners that have terrified me the most in the last couple of years have been these kids because they're so good. They don't lie."

Under the Bridge actress Lily Gladstone recently got candid about her co-stars of the series

Lily Gladstone's "Under the Bridge" is currently airing on Hulu (Image via IMDb / Instagram / @lilygladstone)
Lily Gladstone's "Under the Bridge" is currently airing on Hulu (Image via IMDb / Instagram / @lilygladstone)

Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone portray a writer and a police officer looking into the 1997 beating and death of 14-year-old Indo-Canadian Reena Virk in the limited series Under the Bridge, which is currently available on Hulu. Ultimately, six teenage girls and one teenage boy, many of whom were Virk's classmates, were found guilty.

The case served as the basis for numerous plays, poems, documentaries, and books, such as Rebecca Godfrey's 2005 nonfiction piece Under the Bridge, which serves as the title and structure for the series. Three episodes of the show have already aired.

Many of Lily Gladstone's scenes feature the young stars portraying the teenagers in Reena's circle, such as Chloe Guidry, Izzy G., Aiyana Goodfellow, and Javon Walton.


The story revolves around the guilty teens and their victim, but Riley Keough and Lily Gladstone, who play novelist and investigative journalist Rebecca Godfrey and police officer Cam Bentland, respectively, lead an outstanding ensemble cast.

In her role as Virk, Vritika Gupta captures the 14-year-old girl's innocence, highlighting how cruel her fate was, while simultaneously delving into the dissatisfaction and rebellion that led her to associate with the wrong crowd in the first place.

Recently, Lily Gladstone appeared in an interview with People Magazine, published on April 27, where she candidly talked about her young co-stars of the series and her experience working with them. Talking about the same, she said:

"And you can tell these kids — who are all actors and want to be actors and have been studying it — they've grown up watching some really incredible performances.”

Those intense and impressive performances by the show's rising stars were essential to the series because, as the Killers of the Flower Moon said:

"The whole story revolves around the power of the teenage girl."

Lily Gladstone also claimed that the young performers became close friends off-screen and that it was an intriguing juxtaposition to watch those children who are so "supportive of each another," who are such good friends, and who miss one another when one of them goes home for the weekend.

She added that Chloe and Reena's actress Vritika Gupta are friends. When she wasn't there, Chloe constantly sent her reels and seemed somewhat possessive of her. Gladstone believed that this was because Vritika was the youngest child.

Under The Bridge is available on Hulu having been released on April 17.

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