What is Diddy Do It about? Details explored as docuseries sold to Netflix after bidding war

Sean “Diddy” Combs Surprises Students at His Capital Preparatory School in the Bronx
50 Cent to produce docuseries about Sean "Diddy" Combs (Image via Getty/Mike Coppola)

50 Cent's documentary series about rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs, allegedly titled Diddy Do It, will reportedly be released by Netflix. 50 Cent took to Instagram to confirm a TMZ report about the news on May 21, 2024.

50 Cent has been talking about a potential documentary exploring the accusations against Diddy since November 2023, when Cassie Ventura filed a lawsuit against the latter. In a now-deleted Instagram post dated December 2023, the rapper teased that he was working on a documentary whose proceeds would go to victims of s*xual assualt and r*pe.

While many dismissed the news as rumor or did not believe that the documentary would see the light of day, it now seems like 50 Cent was serious about the project. The TMZ article reported that the multi-part docuseries went through a "massive" bidding war with Netflix finally landing the deal. Sharing the headline on his Instagram post, 50 Cent confirmed in the caption:

"NETFLIX wins the bidding war but if more victims keep coming out I'm gonna need more episodes."

While details regarding the documentary are scant, Netflix will reportedly release Diddy Do It "sooner than later."

The plot of Diddy Do It docuseries

In the wake of multiple accusations of s*xual abuse against Sean "Diddy" Combs, rapper 50 Cent's documentary series allegedly titled Diddy Do It will reportedly detail the allegations and incidents that the former has been accused of. The documentary was previously titled Surviving Diddy, reportedly inspired by the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries.

Over the years, Diddy has faced many lawsuits accusing him of various crimes. However, the November 2023 lawsuit by his ex-partner Cassie Ventura put the rapper under the spotlight. In her November 16 lawsuit, she accused Diddy of r*pe, trafficking, and physical abuse that allegedly continued for years, as per an article by The New York Times.

While the parties reached an undisclosed settlement and the lawsuit was dismissed, a recently resurfaced video has been making the rounds on social media. In the security camera footage, reportedly dating back to 2016, Diddy can be seen physically abusing Cassie in a hotel lobby after she attempted to exit the building.

Diddy at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (Image via Getty/Noam Galai)
Diddy at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards (Image via Getty/Noam Galai)

However, this wasn't the first time the rapper was accused of such crimes, nor would it be the last. A 2019 NBC Los Angeles article reported that Diddy's personal chef had filed a lawsuit in 2017, accusing her employer of s*xual harassment and a hostile work environment. Since Cassie's lawsuit, several victims have come forward with their own lawsuits against the rapper.

Some people who have accused Diddy of various crimes include model Crystal McKinney, music producer Lil Rod, and former employee Grace O'Marcaigh, among others.

50 Cent, who is deemed to be Diddy's rival, has reportedly been taking shots at the latter on his social media. His Diddy Do It documentary series is expected to discuss most of the allegations that have been made against Diddy and will reportedly add more parts as more victims come forward to share their experiences.

The Diddy Do It docuseries is reportedly being produced by 50 Cent's G-Unit Film and Television Studios. At the time of writing this article, no release date has been confirmed.

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