Why did Ncuti Gatwa not appear in Doctor Who season 14 episode 4? Explained

Ncuti Gatwa (Image via BBC/Doctor Who)
Ncuti Gatwa (Image via BBC/Doctor Who)

Doctor Who season 14 episode 4, 73 Yards, released on 24th May 2024, is being hailed as one of the show's best performances. It is distinguished in part because Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson, traveled primarily alone. This is a unique aspect of the Fifteenth Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa.

Ncuti Gatwa has been featured in every episode of the series since the conclusion of the 60th-anniversary specials, except in Doctor Who season 14 episode 4, 73 Yards. Russell T Davies, the showrunner, has offered an explanation for the same in BBC's Doctor Who: Unleashed, in the episode released on May 25, 2024.

Due to Ncuti Gatwa's Sex Education filming schedule, Doctor Who season 14, episode 4 concentrated on his companion, Ruby. In Gatwa's absence, Millie Gibson's portrayal of Ruby was able to be explored, and Davies praised her performance in the lead role. This episode came to be seen as an illustration of a Doctor-lite narrative.

What happened in the Doctor Who season 14 episode 4, 73 Yards?

The program has shifted from its typical sci-fi nature to a more fantastical one during Davies' second spell as showrunner. A rising number of incidents have been connected to magical happenings, since the Fourteenth Doctor invoked the superstition of salt in Wild Blue Yonder in Doctor Who season 14 episode 4.

The fairy circle in 73 Yards serves as another example of this modification to the Doctor Who method. The Doctor vanishes not long after breaking the circle in the first few minutes of the show, just after Sunday reads a scroll that says, "I miss you."

Sunday steals the stage, as the companion discovers herself to be the target of a curse that causes loved ones to flee for their life, and a dark stranger to pursue her. The story in Doctor Who season 14 episode 4 is primarily centered around Sunday.

What is BBC's Doctor Who about?

Doctor Who (Image via Disney)
Doctor Who (Image via Disney)

Since 1963, BBC has aired the British science fiction television series. The Doctor, an extraterrestrial and Time Lord who embarks on adventures, is the focal point of Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber and Donald Wilson's Doctor Who.

The Doctor can travel through space and time with the use of a time-traveling spacecraft called the TARDIS, which resembles a British police box. In order to save the lives of and set free oppressed people, The Doctor, who frequently travels with friends, fights foes along the journey.

What to expect from Doctor Who season 14 episode 5?


In the teaser for the fifth episode of Doctor Who season 14, Dot and Bubble, Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor and Millie Gibson's Ruby Sunday attempt to tell an inhabitant of the picturesque city of Finetime the truth.

In the first complete season of The Fifteenth Doctor, the TARDIS crew visited terrifying other timelines, deep-space baby farms, interplanetary war zones, and Beatlesmania in the 1960s. The eight adventures in the most recent season will come to a head in a two-part conclusion that is expected to provide clarifications.

Dot and Bubble appears set up to allow showrunner Russell T Davies to remark on social media's prominence in the internet world. Doctor Who season 14 episode 4, 73 Yards hinted at Roger ap Gwilliam's (Aneurin Barnard) ascent through online campaigning.

The UI is keeping the people of Finetime from escaping horrific fates, as shown in the teaser for the fifth episode of Doctor Who season 14. Lindy opens her eyes, and maybe even more terrible than the monsters themselves is the secret that lies behind them.

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