Cricket spikes vs grippers: Key differences and uses

Cricket spikes vs grippers: Key differences and uses
Cricket spikes vs grippers: Key differences and uses ( Image via Pexels)

Cricket spikes and grippers are some of the notable shoes on the cricket field. While both shoes are heavily worn by seasoned cricketers, it has become a regular question among enthusiasts as to which one is the best.

Cricket spikes are shoes with an outsole studded with metal blades. The grippers, on the other hand, are constructed using rubber cleats. Both shoes have different functions, and players wear them based on their efficiency.

What are the cricket spikes? Pros and cons

Cricketers wear different types of shoes, and spikes are one of them. This kind of shoe incorporates the metal blades at the outsole, which are crafted in different materials and numbers.

These shoes have different pros and cons, which are etched below:

The pros

The Cricket spikes are filled with advantages, making the shoes one of the essentials in the kit.

  • Bring the grips so that the players can perform well on the ground
  • With the perfect cricket spikes, one can easily move directions
  • It gives the bowler sturdy foot placement
  • Can be customized
  • Adaptable in different turfs

The cons

Though the cricket spikes have a gamut of pros, they also pose some cons.

  • Spikes can cause muscle sprains if they are worn for a long time
  • Due to the spikes, pressure is developed at the forefoot, which can cause a foot injury
  • Spikes can be pulled off, so they need regular checks
  • The snuggly fit can cause blisters
  • They are costly

What are the cricket grippers? Pros and cons

The cricket grippers are those shoes that are embellished with rubber grips. These shoes also have small spikes, which are crafted from rubber material. The grippers provide the reactions on the soft and wet pitches while providing comfort to the wearer.

The pros

Some of the pros of cricket grippers are:

  • They are light-weighted
  • Though they are the best choice for soft surfaces, grippers can perform well on all pitches
  • The soft, breathable material protects against blisters
  • Guards the feet from any injuries

The cons

The cricket grippers have some cons which are:

  • Cannot provide the best traction on the synthetic pitches
  • Might skid on during the high leap
  • Do not have customization options
  • Prone to accumulate dirt, which causes a lesser lifespan

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Cricket spikes vs. grippers: Points of distinction

Both the spikes and grippers have a gamut of pros and cons. Choosing one between them requires a better understanding of the shoes and position. The spikes are made of metal, which leads to heavyweight while providing better traction. Bowlers can wear these shoes as they need better traction on the turf.

On the other hand, the grippers are made of rubber spikes. While the spike boots fit sluggishly and result in blisters, grippers give the players a nice, cushioned feeling.

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Final takeaways

Before choosing the cricket spikes or the grippers, one needs to understand the requirements of the game. The bowlers need to move faster, which emphasizes the need for the spikes. They can easily change direction with these shoes.

The batters and the fielders can wear the grippers, as they do not need high agility. Also, players can choose their shoes based on the pitch condition.

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