Luka Dončić x Jordan Brand unveils latest Jordan Luka 3 signature shoe

Luka Dončić x Jordan Luka 3 sneakers
Luka Dončić x Jordan Luka 3 sneakers (Image via Nike)

On April 15, 2024, Nike’s pressroom officially introduced Luka Dončić’s third signature shoe, Jordan Luka 3, co-designed with Jordan Brand. This advanced basketball shoe comes after the Luka 1 and Luka 2 models that debuted in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

As stated by the press release, the Jordan Luka 3 silhouette will be offered in two inaugural colorways, dubbed “Midnight Racer” and “Photo Finish.” While the former iteration will be accessible in Europe from July 5 onward, the latter will launch worldwide on July 16.

Features of Luka Dončić x Jordan Luka 3 signature shoe

The "Pravi MVP," Luka Dončić, is set to release a new pair of trademark Jordan Brand sneakers—and they're another smash hit. The Jordan Luka 3, Dončić's third exceptional performance footwear, will go on sale in July.

The newly designed model, which is fine-tuned to provide the greatest possible distance from opponents, is made to give a steadying force to the stop-and-go style of play that Dallas Mavericks player Luka Dončić prefers.

To decrease weight, the Luka 3 widens the lateral outrigger and incorporates parts of the Isoplate—a technology that had been developed specifically for Dončić—into its design. For a seamless ride from heel to toe, the sneaker has extended Cushlon 3.0 foam.

The Luka 3 midsole system, in conjunction with the Isoplate, is engineered to swiftly exit off-speed movements, such as launching oneself from the step-back to assault the basket.

Players will be able to fully utilize lateral and diagonal motions with this footwear. The player stays closed in over the footbed thanks to the torsional rigidity produced by the isoplate. The toes can bend slightly on sharp cuts without releasing their grip thanks to a neoprene-like barrier that runs along the side of the toebox.

Dončić's passion for high-performance sports automobiles served as the source of inspiration for the Luka 3 design. The qualities of a high-performance vehicle, such as a powerful engine and a flexible chassis, were adapted to Luka's game, allowing him to unleash an offensive arsenal that is extremely difficult to defend against.

The layout of the shoe was partially influenced by the motion of a tire when it decelerates and accelerates at high speeds. Drawing inspiration from the traction found in racing tires, the outsole showcases a dynamic herringbone structure. The engineered textile outer features wavy striations influenced by high speeds, and the pull tabs are fashioned after the material of seat belts.

Each colorway of the Luka 3 has a Tier-2 sustainability score, which means that each pair of shoes is composed of at least 20% recycled content by weight.

The design description of the Jordan Luka 3 model, as stated on Nike’s website, reads:

“The Luka 3 evolves the Isoplate, a technology specifically developed for Dončić, by widening the lateral outrigger and removing sections of the plate’s sidewall to reduce weight. The shoe features full-length Cushlon 3.0 foam for smooth heel-to-toe transition. Together with the Isoplate, the Luka 3 midsole system is designed for accelerating out of off-speed transitions, like moving out of the step-back and attacking the basket.”

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Jordan Luka 3 sneakers that will be accessible in the coming months. Interested readers are encouraged to stay in touch with the brand's online stores for timely alerts on their launch.

Edited by Dev Sharma
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