"Everybody looks so stupid!" - xQc says he "hates" people pitch invading during Beta Squad vs AMP football match

xQc says he "hates" people pitch invading Beta Squad vs AMP football match
xQc says he "hates" people pitch invading during Beta Squad vs AMP football match (Image via xQc/Kick)

Twitch and Kick streamer Felix "xQc" has shared some rather strong sentiments regarding the controversy surrounding Beta Squad and AMP's football match. For those out of the loop, the two popular content creation organizations hosted a charity football event on June 2, 2024. However, as the match approached its conclusion, numerous fans invaded the pitch, and the game was called off.

xQc watched the Beta Squad vs AMP football match during a livestream on the Stake-backed platform on the same day. The French-Canadian personality was taken aback when several people invaded the pitch.

Sharing his thoughts on the situation, Felix stated that "everybody looked stupid," and voiced his discontent by remarking:

"Bro, these people don't realize how much of a bad look this is for everybody. Everybody looks so stupid! I hate this!"

A few moments later, the former Overwatch pro's attention was drawn to viewers who commented on the lack of security at the event. He responded:

"What do you mean, 'Should have had security?' It's a f**king pitch takeover. You can't just f**king... security. You think they had to put traps and claymore on the ground or some s**t or what?

What have other streamers said about fans invading the pitch during the Beta Squad vs AMP football match?

Readers can access xQc's Kick livestream VOD (Video on Demand) by clicking here [Timestamp: 12:17:34].

In addition to xQc, prominent internet personalities affiliated with Beta Squad and AMP have also commented on the controversy. During the post-game interview, two-time Streamer of the Year award winner Kai Cenat expressed frustration, claiming that he could have scored three goals if pitch invaders had not disrupted the game.

He said:

"No, no, I am pissed! 6-6? I would have scored three goals, three. I could have scored three goals! Everybody ran out there. Everybody ran out on the pitch, in my moment. They said, 'Oh my god it's Ronaldo, Messi, and Kai Cenat.' That was my moment bro, you ran out bro."

Meanwhile, Beta Squad's Sharmarke "Sharky" claimed pitch invaders had "ruined the event" and "made it about themselves":

"Event has been ruined. We can't do anything because everyone has ruined the event and made it about themselves. F**k sake!

As Beta Squad vs AMP ended in disappointment, Kai Cenat has expressed his desire for a rematch in America.

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