"I've never made it this far with a girl" - IShowSpeed admits he is "catching feelings" for his date Amy on livestream

IShowSpeed admits he is "catching feelings" towards his date Amy on livestream
IShowSpeed admits he is "catching feelings" towards his date Amy on livestream (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube)

During a recent livestream, YouTube star Darren "IShowSpeed" admitted he was "catching feelings" for his date, Amy Flamy. After watching the FA Cup Finals between Manchester United and Manchester City, IShowSpeed and Amy traveled to another destination. The latter took the opportunity to gift a One Piece-themed iPhone cover to the streamer.

Stating that the gift was "nothing big," Amy explained why procuring the iPhone cover for IShowSpeed was "so hard."

She said:

"I know it's nothing big. But... the process of me getting this was so hard! Because, like, I couldn't ask him, like, what his phone is. (Darren responds, 'That's why you texted me what kind of a phone do I have.') But that was after I ordered it."

Amy also stated that she watched Darren's old videos to determine what kind of phone he owned:

"Like, it took four days to come, so like, it was after I ordered it just to double-check. So, I had to go to YouTube, type out, 'IShowSpeed phone,' and I had to watch this full video clip of you buying an iPhone."

The YouTube streamer was taken aback by Amy's gesture and hugged her. He then claimed to have "catching feelings" for the South Korean influencer, saying:

"Chat, I'm catching feelings, chat. No! Oh, why are you doing this, bro? You know what you're doing, bruh. (Amy asks, 'Do you like it, though?') I like it. I actually do like it. So cute. Thank you!"

A few moments later, IShowSpeed stated that he "never made it this far with a girl," and added:

"I'm not going to lie, y'all. Amy is, like, she's making me feel some type of a way. Real s**t, chat, she's actually, like... I've never made it this far with a girl in terms of, like... this far! Like yes, I talk to other girls longer. But I feel like it didn't make it this far, though."

Timestamp: 02:40:55

"I'm going to be honest, I do like her" - IShowSpeed opens up about his feelings towards Amy live on the stream

At the two-hour and 45-minute mark of the stream, fans asked IShowSpeed if he "liked" Amy. While expressing admiration for the latter, the content creator stated that he was not ready to ask her out.

He said:

"'Do you like Amy?' Yes, chat, I do like her. Chat, I do. I'm going to be honest, I do like her. But I don't know if I'm ready yet to ask her out, though."

Timestamp: 02:45:20

Amy concurred with the Ohio native's sentiments and responded:

"(The streamer says, 'Stop nodding your head!') What? I was agreeing with you... because that's what you said, that's what you feel. I appreciate what you... bro?"

For those unaware, Amy Flamy is a renowned South Korean influencer, boasting over 883k followers on TikTok.

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