Natalie Reynolds responds to online backlash for not helping the woman she offered $20 to jump into a lake

Natalie Reynolds promised to pay a woman $20 to jump into the lake (Image via Kick Clips/X)
Natalie Reynolds promised to pay a woman $20 to jump into the lake (Image via Kick Clips/X)

Controversial Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds has ruffled a lot of feathers recently after she encouraged a woman to jump into the lake and then left the scene while she cried for help. The incident occurred on one of her most recent livestreams, and clips of Natalie not stopping to help went viral on social media.

The fact that the Kick streamer didn't stop to help the woman garnered a lot of backlash. Reynolds recently defended herself in a reply on X where the clip has amassed millions of views.

The streamer claimed that the woman who got into the lake had wanted to swim and people had allegedly asked her and her crew to leave the area and not film. The content creator also lashed out against critics, claiming the stranger had gotten help and asked people to stop "dragging sh*t":

"The lady wanted to swim, they told me to leave and stop filming that’s why we left, and she got the help she needed and is fine. Stop dragging sh*t. Allah"
The post on X (Image via @onlynatreynolds/X)
The post on X (Image via @onlynatreynolds/X)

How it went down: Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds offered a woman $20 to jump into a lake

In an IRL Kick stream on May 30, Natalie Reynolds had been roaming around near a lake while playing Ice Poseidon's real-life scavenger hunt. The streamer was looking for a particular clue in the lake and offered a stranger $20 to swim and get it.

In the clip, Reynolds can be heard saying:

"I'm trying to find this RFID scanner and I have to kayak. Ice Poseidon told me 'you swim in the water.' You should jump in the water right now and should start swimming to find it. Would you do that? You just jump in the water to find it for me. I'll give you 20 bucks."

After a bit of back and forth, the woman agreed and jumped into the water. However, soon afterward, Natalie Reynolds and the other streamers in the area were told to move away and the stranger in the water called out to her stating that she couldn't swim.

The controversial Kick streamer tried to backtrack her earlier statements, claiming the woman had wanted to swim. In the end, she and the others were seen leaving the premises after being told off by the authorities.

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