"No one should be drinking that": Eddie Abbew roasts Prime amid online feud with KSI

Eddie Abbew
Eddie Abbew's feud with KSI continues (Image via JJ Olatunji/YouTube, Eddie Abbew/Instagram)

Olajide "KSI" is currently feuding with Eddie Abbew after the fitness influencer and bodybuilder made a video criticizing PRIME Energy and Hydration drinks. In his latest YouTube video, KSI responded to Abbew and debated his talking points. Abbew reacted to parts of the video and proceeded to roast the beverages again. He reiterated some of the points of his first video and claimed nobody should be drinking PRIME Energy.

Abbew said:

"Dude, no one should be drinking that f*cking drink."

Abbew, who was formerly a nurse with the NHS, doubled down on the fact that people who require more "energy" should change their diet and not choose to drink such beverages:

"If you need energy, it means your diet is f*cked. Sort it out."

"The hydration bit is bollocks": Eddie Abbew tears into energy drinks while reacting to KSI's response to his video about PRIME

Since its launch in January 2022, KSI and Logan Paul's beverage brand PRIME has seen a huge rise in popularity across the US, UK, and Australia.

However, while it may enjoy widespread favor in the market, several allegations have been made against the contents of the beverages, with United States Senators asking the FDA to investigate the amount of caffeine in the energy drink variants of the product.

Recently, Logan Paul even threatened legal action against an Instagram influencer for criticizing the brand in a video.

Regardless, it seems Eddie Abbew is not a fan of PRIME either. He is known for speaking out against numerous energy drinks and has derided their necessity in many of his social media posts. He raised those same issues in the first video he posted on Logan and Olajide's brand.

Abbew stuck to his original points and called out KSI's product in his latest reel on Instagram. After advising people to change their diet to get more energy, he lambasted PRIME drinks by claiming water is better for hydration than "chemical sh*t":

"And the hydration bit is bollocks. If you want hydration drink some water. This is not it, you don't need some canned f*cking chemical sh*t to be hydrated. Drink water and take some salt. Come on, wake the f*ck up."

Despite so many controversies, PRIME as a brand has garnered a lot of attention in the sports and entertainment industry, recently even signing on YouTube streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" as a creator.

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