"That was really you?!" - IShowSpeed confronts MrBeast about a questionable donation message

IShowSpeed confronts MrBeast about a questionable donation message
IShowSpeed confronts MrBeast about a questionable donation message (Image via @iShowSpeedHQ/X)

YouTube stars Jimmy "MrBeast" and Darren "IShowSpeed," and Olajide "JJ," better known as "KSI," have become the talk of the town after collaborating for a $100,000 Wipeout challenge livestream. At one point in the broadcast, MrBeast read out loud donation messages sent by Darren's audience.

The latter took the opportunity to confront the Kansas native, asking if he remembered when he donated to his channel. For context, in April 2022, a 35-second video went viral on social media after IShowSpeed received a $1.99 donation message from a viewer named "MrBeast," who made questionable comments.

They wrote:

"Big black mon**y boy."

Recalling this incident, the 19-year-old content creator asked:

"Yo MrBeast, bro - you remember that one time when you donated to my stream?"

MrBeast responded:

"Yeah! Which time, though? What?"

The recently unbanned Twitch personality was shocked to hear this and said:

"That was really you?! It was like, 'MrBeast has donated $1.99 through Super Chat."

The philanthropist then clarified it was not him who donated. However, he believed he had previously donated $10,000 to the streamer. MrBeast elaborated:

"Now I have no idea what we're talking about. What are we talking about? Oh, no! That is probably not me. (Darren responds, 'Oh, that wasn't you?') No. I thought I donated like $10,000 one time, though. I don't know. I did a lot of donating to Twitch streamer videos."

Darren replied:

"Really? Oh, yeah! You did! I remember that. I remember that... and start answering my phone calls, bro!"

Other viral moments from MrBeast's $100,000 Wipeout challenge, featuring IShowSpeed and KSI


Timestamp: 00:51:15

Several moments from the special livestream on June 4, 2024, have gone viral on social media, including MrBeast threatening to call the police on IShowSpeed. It all started when the Ohio native requested a handshake from Jimmy and slyly placed his hands on a briefcase containing $100,000.

The most-subscribed YouTuber called out Darren for his actions, saying he would not hesitate to call the cops on him:

Hey! It's fine. You've got to complete the course or you're not getting it. Even if you stole it, I would just call the cops. Yeah, if you stole a 100 grand. Bro, that's a lot of money."

In another instance, MrBeast trolled IShowSpeed by asking if Lionel Messi is a better football player than Cristiano Ronaldo. He stated:

"Who is Ronaldo? I'm kidding. Isn't Messi better? Or is he not? (Darren starts staring at MrBeast) I'm confused. He's an interesting human. Speed, if you keep acting like this, people aren't going to hang out with you."

The Wipeout challenge livestream ended with IShowSpeed defeating KSI and winning the $100,000 grand prize.

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