"They rotten your mental" - Kai Cenat slams streamer X Communities, claims they encourage "parasocial" behavior

Kai Cenat slams streamer X Communities
Kai Cenat slams streamer X Communities (Image via @Kaimafiaupdates/X)

During a recent livestream, Twitch star Kai Cenat expressed his displeasure with streamer X Communities. While interacting with his audience, Cenat explained why he does not have a community on the Elon Musk-owned social media platform and asserted that he would never create one in the future.

According to Cenat, streamer X Communities encourage "parasocial" behavior. The two-time Streamer of the Year award winner elaborated:

"Also those wondering why I don't have or why I don't push the community on Twitter... I would never, ever, ever push a community on Twitter again! F**k no! You would never see me never, ever catch me doing some s**t like that. Bro, Twitter Communities - they rotten your mental, and they rotten your community. Not only that, it creates parasocialness. Okay?"

The 22-year-old argued that communities on X "control" a streamer and their life:

"Where people actually feel like they got control of you and your life. Okay? That's why you would never see me do a..."

Kai Cenat then opened up about his mental well-being when he operated an X Community, saying:

"Yo, bro, I'm telling you - chat, when I did have that community, okay, I was mentally like, 'Oh, my god!' Checking it every single time I am streaming. I'm seeing what people are saying."

The New Yorker added:

"It should never, ever be like that! If you're a streamer, you should never, ever see what other n****s think! That's the s**t I was getting with? You feel me? And I was like, 'This is toxic, let me just end it.'"

"F**k the Twitter community" - Recalling when Adin Ross slammed his X Community as Kai Cenat claims they promote "parasocial" behavior

Kai Cenat isn't the only prominent internet personality who has criticized streamer X Communities. On February 23, 2024, Kick ambassador Adin Ross lambasted his contentious X Community, AR Loyals, for being hateful towards his friends, such as Nermin "Cheesur" and Konvy.

Voicing his discontent with his fanbase on X, the indefinitely banned Twitch personality remarked:

"F**k the Twitter community. They're some p**sies. Not all of them, but those weird kids are. And, I f**king love you guys, bro. This chat and I f**king love some motherf**kers in the Twitter community that are not weird, and that's that. So, appreciate all you guys. Put me in the chat if you are not a Twitter fa**ot. GGs, I don't care! They already doxed me, bro. I don't care."

Kai Cenat has established himself as one of the most popular figures in the livestreaming sphere and is currently the number one Twitch streamer. He is also affiliated with AMP (Any Means Possible), a renowned content creation organization.

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