What is Sidemen's Inside? Everything to know about YouTube group's brand-new online reality show

Sidemen's latest show, Inside, explored (Image via YouTube/Sidemen)

UK's biggest YouTube group, Sidemen, are no stranger to conducting some of the biggest creator-run events. Their magnum opus is their long-standing Charity Football Match series that has been going on since 2016 (and will likely be hosted again in 2024). Now, the group has also announced their brand new project called Inside, which is going to be their first-ever online reality show.

Fans have certainly been made to stand on their heels for this one. The group released a teaser where the likes of JJ "KSI," Harry "W2S," and Vikram "Vikstar123" spoke about the venture.

This article will look to explore what Inside is all about, how much money is at stake, and who might be participating in the event.

What is Sidemen's latest show, Inside?

Over the past couple of weeks, Sidemen, the UK-based YouTueb collectables, have shared teasers regarding a brand new show that they will be hosting, titled Inside. The project's official teaser had quite a bit of information that we managed to unravel.

It appears (from what the members of the YouTube group say) that the show is going to have participants being challenged to do certain tasks in exchange for a set amount, These will be decided by the group's seven members.

The biggest talking point, of course, is the massive prize money that is at stake. The group has announced that Inside will have a whopping £1,000,000 prize fund, making it one of their most costly projects to date.

Inside to have a whopping £1,000,000 prize fund (Image via YouTube)
Inside to have a whopping £1,000,000 prize fund (Image via YouTube)

How many participants are going to feature in Sidemen's Inside?

As for the format of the show, that is yet to be discussed. However, the teaser did inform that there will be a total of 10 celebrity participants. These could be fellow creators as well, since the Sidemen have a history of joining hands with other streamers, YouTubers, and internet personalities.

The exact participants are also yet to be announced. Verified Instagram page, Imjustbait, shared a post on the news stating that these contestants will have to perform certain tasks daily. One example could be something as simple as taking a "hot shower."

When and where can we watch Inside?

The event will be premiered on Sidemen's official YouTube channel, which has just over 21 million subscribers at the time of writing. It will also be an episodic event, meaning each day (for seven days), a brand new episode will hit the channel.

The teaser revealed that the show is set to be released on June 2, 2024. The first episode is expected to go live around 7 pm BST. The finale will be on June 9, 2024.

The group also have their longest-standing series called the Sidemen Sundays. As the name suggests, they release a brand video each Sunday. These videos typically feature some kind of challenge-centric ideas or game shows.

The latest one, released on May 26, is titled SIDEMEN SURVIVE 24 HOURS IN UK’S MOST HAUNTED HOUSE. It is up on their official YouTube channel.

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