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3 Best Valorant Agents for CS: GO players

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Christian A.
Modified 16 Dec 2020

Transitioning from CS: GO to Valorant may take a leap of faith.

Valorant offers an entirely new FPS experience to those who fell in love with CS: GO but are looking for something different. The two games share many similarities, e.g., pistol rounds, weapon economy, search-and-destroy, etc. Where the two differ is through Valorant’s Agent pool.

The implementation of characters with unique abilities makes Valorant a unique, tactical FPS.

Each character’s kit allows them to thrive in certain situations, as they are all equipped with three abilities and an ultimate that can change the trajectory of a round.

Former CS: GO players may be intimidated by, or just unwilling to learn, Valorant’s characters. However, some Agents can make the daunting shift to Valorant almost seamless.

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Three best Valorant Agents for CS: GO players

#3 - Sova

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Sova is an initiator-Agent in Valorant possessing three abilities that don’t exist in CS: GO.

Sova’s signature ability is his Recon Bolt, used for gaining intel on an enemy’s whereabouts. Before firing the bolt, the player can decide how much power they want to use and how many bounces (up to two) the bolt will have.

With so many Recon Bolt lineups to learn, Sova is no easy character, but he is a great deal of fun. During a player’s first run with Sova, every Recon Bolt will be a discovery. Finding out what works and what doesn’t will make the game feel very refreshing. There are countless guides and YouTube videos that can make a Valorant rookie feel like a pro with their “Sova lineups.” 

One aspect of Sova that any CS: GO player would appreciate is his round-clutching potential. His kit may be the best in the game when it comes to stopping a bomb-defusal. It will undoubtedly take practice, and watching some clips, but after some time, anyone can shine with Sova.


Sova also has an Owl-Drone that helps him spot and tag enemies. Players can pair the Owl-Drone with some well-placed Shock Darts or his Ultimate for some high IQ kills.

#2 - Phoenix

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Every duelist in Valorant has abilities that are made specifically for taking on enemies directly. Phoenix’s kit, though, includes two tools available in CS: GO. Although they are used differently, CS: GO players are likely to cling to a character with both a flash and a Molotov.

Phoenix’s signature ability is his Hot Hands. He can use it as a Molotov to clear corners and stop pushes, but unlike CS: GO, this Molotov can heal Phoenix for up to 46 damage. With two kills, Phoenix can get another Hot Hands if he has already used one.


In CS: GO, every player on a team can purchase flash grenades. In Valorant, only certain characters have this ability. Phoenix’s flash, Curveball, is thrown around corners, making him a tremendous site-entry character. It takes some time and practice to perfect the Curveball, but the ability is very satisfying once mastered.

Phoenix also has a Blaze, a wall that can be used to cut off sight from enemies. It also helps rotate to and from sites while an opponent’s vision is blocked. Blaze can also be used to heal the duelist when his HP is low.

Run it Back is Phoenix’s ultimate ability, which allows him to have 10 seconds to do whatever he wants without dying. The exact location from where the ultimate is used is where he will return. His ultimate can be killed, but he can run onto sites boldly, knowing that he will return.

Thing’s get real when Phoenix says, “Joke’s over, you’re dead!”

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#1 - Jett

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Jett is the premier Operator Agent in Valorant. The AWP, CS: GO’s sniper equivalent, is a potent weapon.

Players that frequently sniped in CS: GO will have a blast playing Jett in Valorant. Her three abilities, paired with her ultimate, is the ideal loadout for a sniper.


Jett can deny trades using her signature ability, Tailwind, with which she can dash in any direction. Teammates frequently lose their lives in vain, as Jett peeks from long-range and suddenly disappears. It almost seems unfair at times.

Her Updraft allows her to play off-angles on top of obstacles that only specific Agents can access. Combine her off-angle with an Operator and her Tailwind, and she’s unstoppable.

Additionally, she can throw smokes to block sightlines as she rotates. Jett can purchase up to three Cloudbursts and curve them at will, making her position undetectable at times. Jiggle-peaking in Valorant isn’t as effective as it is in CS: GO, so obtaining information on where a Jett is playing can be too risky.

Her ultimate ability, Bladestorm, allows Jett to be effective at close range in situations where the Operator isn’t practical. Former CS: GO players can run wild with the sniper while having a reliable fallback when Bladestorm is available. They can be impactful and make sick plays with the power of the Operator and Jett’s mobility.

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Note: This article reflects the author’s opinion, and what may seem the best to one may not be so to someone else.

Published 16 Dec 2020, 12:36 IST
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