5 best Indian Valorant streamers to follow in 2022

Riot's tactical first-person shooter fosters one of the best content streaming communities in India (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riot's tactical first-person shooter fosters one of the best content streaming communities in India (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant has ushered a generation of talented individuals into pursuing gaming on a professional level, both in esports and content creation. After PUBG Mobile's unfortunate ban in India, Riot's tactical first-person shooter took over the community, and the hype hasn't stopped ever since.

As the days pass, new creators emerge, populating the game's content creation spectrum. That said, some of them have achieved near-perfection on their journey and made a huge name for themselves on YouTube.


Valorant is one of Riot Games' most successful video gaming experiences. Not only is the game interesting to play, but it is also very entertaining to witness.

Some streamers in India have garnered a considerable number of subscribers owing to their entertaining live and on-demand content. Some of them even inspired many to take up professional gaming as a career path. Fans love to watch them fail, learn, grow, or even achieve the heights of a Radiant on stream.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

These are the best Valorant streamers in India

1) 8bit Binks69


Mithul Nayak, aka Binks 69, has been a popular name on the game's spectrum for a long time. He once pursued esports but shifted to full-time streaming and has, since then, continued entertaining his massive fan base.

Although he attributes himself as a mobile and PC gamer, he mainly streams PC games, especially Valorant. Binks is presently a content creator for 8bit and streams regularly. He joined YouTube back in 2019 and managed to garner 217K subscribers.

2) HydraFlick


Another one belonging to the most popular Valorant streamers list, HydraFlick, aka Rohan Ledwani, was once a favorite among PUBG PC fans for his trick shots. However, his love for PUBG couldn't keep him away from Valorant. Soon after Valorant's release, HydraFlick tried it and hasn't stopped ever since.

Ledwani climbed up the ranked ladder quickly, improving constantly and showing off his growth to his fans on livestreams. He joined YouTube in 2017, his channel presently featuring over 326K subscribers and counting. He also collaborates with other popular creators like Harsh Khelraay, Meow16k, and more.

3) TbOne


Shobith Rai, aka TbOne, streams different video games for his community, but Riot's popular FPS title appears to be his favorite. He joined YouTube back in 2017 when his CS:GO skills helped him gain initial traction.

Switching to Riot's FPS got TbOne the much-needed boost in his streaming career. Over 203K fans have subscribed to his channel, and the numbers are continuously rising. Moreover, the 27-year-old possesses a very jolly character alongside his in-game skills, making him one of India's most entertaining Valorant streamers.

4) Ankkita C


Ankkita Chauhan is a popular creator for Riot's hero shooter and one of the few female streamers who quickly rose to the top. She has impeccable creator qualities and decent skills in the game, making her perfect for her audience.

Ankkita created her YouTube channel in 2018 and now has over 331K subscribers. She also streams other video games like Among Us and Fall Guys and uploads vlogs reflecting her fun experiences. She is currently signed up with S8UL as a content creator for the famous organization.

5) Fa2


Amit Thakur, aka Fa2, is a content creator for Velocity Gaming and mostly plays Valorant on his YouTube Channel. He also streams other PC games like Grand Theft Auto and Apex Legends. Fans also get to witness a taste of his life via entertaining vlogs.

Fa2 rose to popularity owing to his persona and in-game skills. He started his YouTube career with CS:GO but switched to Riot's FPS title when the latter started gaining attention. His channel has garnered over 128K subscribers and counting.

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