Valorant: 5 best Sheriff skins in Episode 3 Act 3

What are the 5 best sheriff skins at present in Valorant? (Image via Sportskeeda)
What are the 5 best sheriff skins at present in Valorant? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Sheriff is a popular sidearm in Valorant that is available for players to equip across all modes of the game. Sheriff, similar to the iconic "Deagle" from Counter-Strike, is a pistol with the capability of eliminating an opponent with a single shot.

Across all elos in Valorant, Sheriff is a popular pick due to its high rate of damage. Headshots can be fatal under 30m and can deal 145 HP in damage if the enemy agent is located beyond 30m.

Costing 800 credits in-game, Sheriff can be an expensive buy for a pistol. As Valorant progresses through its third episode, Sportskeeda lists the top five skins available to players in the ongoing Act of Valorant's Episode 3.

Top five Sheriff skins in Valorant: Cost, upgrades, variants, and more

5) Arcane

Upgrade: VFX

Variants: None

Cost: 2377 VP

The Arcane Bundle was introduced to Valorant's store as part of a crossover between the game and Netflix's Arcane series. Arcane Sheriff is the only weapon featured in the bundle, due to which players have to avail the whole bundle to get their hands on the gun. The highlight of the gun is the exclusive reload and firing animation, which is reminiscent of the Wild West.

4) Sentinels of Light

Sentinels of Light sheriff's aimbot:

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Pink, Red/Green, Blue/Purple

Cost: 2175 VP

Valorant introduced their first crossover with League of Legends with the release of the Sentinels of Light bundle. The bundle includes skins for Operator, Vandal, Ares, and melee, in addition to Sheriff. During reload, the barrel splits apart into multiple fragments and reforms, signifying the gun's ties to Sentinels of Light event. The weapon's SFX uses audio from League of Legends characters as well.

3) Ion


Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: None

Cost: 1775 VP

Ion is a popular skin collection in Valorant renowned for its futuristic design and vibrant finisher animation. Although Ion doesn't have any extra variants, the collection is iconic among Valorant's community, and is often seen in the game's lobbies. The bundle also features skins for Phantom, Operator, Bucky, and Melee.

2) Reaver

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Red, Black, White

Cost: 1775 VP

The Reaver collection is one of the most iconic skins featured in Valorant. Making its debut in Valorant's closed beta, Reaver skins were redesigned and brought back into the game later on popular demand. The haunting finisher is a treat for players, as multiple hands emerge out of the earth to consume the fallen enemy agent. The collection also features skins for Operator, Vandal, Guardian, and Melee.

1) Singularity

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Blue, Red, Purple

Cost: 2175 VP

Singularity's collection of skins are known for their sleek appearance, with four excellent colorways that players can enjoy. The exquisite finisher animation of the weapon visually creates a black hole in the map and is one of the most appealing animations in Valorant. The collection also includes skins for Spectre, Ares, Phantom, and Melee.

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