5 best Vandal skins in Valorant Episode 3 Act 3

What are the five best Vandal skins in the ongoing Act in Valorant? (Image via Sportskeeda)
What are the five best Vandal skins in the ongoing Act in Valorant? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Vandal shares space with Phantom at the top of Valorant's charts as the game's most popular weapon. Rifles are the go-to for every agent, with the playerbase constantly debating whether Vandal serves as a better rifle when compared to Phantom.

Similar to the AK popularized by Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Vandal has the capability to finish off enemies instantaneously with a headshot, dealing 160 HP in damage.

As Valorant progresses through the third Act of Episode 3, Sportskeeda lists the five best Vandal skins in the ongoing act, determined by their VFX, Finisher, cost effectiveness, and style.

Top 5 Vandal skins in Valorant: Cost, upgrades, variants, and more

5) RGX 11Z Pro

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher, Kill Counter

Variants: Red, Blue, Yellow

Cost: 2175 VP

RGX 11Z Pro is a recent addition to Valorant's Exclusive tier of skins. The collection is unique due to the game's debut of the Kill Counter upgrade for weapons, which tracks the total kills for a particular match during the course of the match. Each variant also has a set of colors which change upon inspecting the weapon, changing the color of the bullet tracers as well.

4) Origin

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Green, Red, White

Cost: 1775 VP

The Origin collection is popular in Valorant due to the distinct weapon inspection animation it offers. The Vandal in particular has gunfire audio that sounds clean, matching the color profile of the weapon. The Origin bundle is a Premium skin collection despite it featuring the quality of an Exclusive skin. The collection contains skins for Operator, Frenzy, Vandal, Bucky, and Crescent Blade.

3) Prime

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Orange, Blue, Yellow

Cost: 1775 VP

Prime is an iconic skin collection released in the initial stages of Valorant. Prime's reload animation and sound effects make it a desirable commodity for Valorant's community, with a sequel to the collection being dropped on gamers' requests. The Prime bundle also features skins for Guardian, Spectre, Classic, and Axe.

2) Elderflame

Ace Elder Flame vandal gives u aimbot.

Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Red, Blue, Dark

Cost: 2475 VP

The Elderflame bundle has its place among the Valorant community, with the Vandal being an exceptional favorite for many despite the cost. The fire-breathing dragon is irresistible as it roars during every gunshot and reload. The Elderflame bundle has options for Judge, Operator, Frenzy, and Dagger, in addition to Vandal.

1) Reaver


Upgrade: VFX, Animation, Finisher

Variants: Red, Black, White

Cost: 1775 VP

The Reaver collection was available during Valorant's closed beta. Upon multiple requests from users, Valorant revamped the iconic collection, releasing variants for Vandal, Operator, Sheriff, Guardian, and Knife. Reaver has one of the most interactive finishers as well, with multiple crawling hands emerging from the ground to drag the defeated enemy agent to hell.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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