Are Valorant players AFKing with an auto-clicker to farm XP?

Valorant players AFKing with an auto-clicker to Farm XP (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant players AFKing with an auto-clicker to Farm XP (Image via Riot Games)
Pratiti Dhang
Modified 02 May 2021

A Valorant player recently reported his encounter with an AFK teammate who was using an auto-clicker.

Riot Games’ Valorant has strict punishments for inactive and AFK (Away From Keyboard) players. AFK players receive timed queue restrictions as a penalty. However, some AFK players tend to use an auto-clicker or jump-bot to remain active throughout the match.

Recently, Reddit user, u/MautzNaun posted a video of an AFK player using an auto-clicker to remain active and farm XP. He wrote:

“Looks like AFKlers use auto clicker now to farm xp and get no bans”

It is not the first time that someone has encountered such an experience. Such incidents have happened before as well. A Valorant player with the Reddit username, u/Madra_Salach, posted regarding this. He mentioned that a kid spent at least 30 minutes of an unrated match AFK with an auto-clicker on. It was later confirmed by his duo partner.

AFKing with auto-clicker may harm the competitive play in Valorant

Valorant is a 5v5 player game that needs team effort. If a player goes AFK, it can make a huge difference in the game. Hence, Riot Games has strict policy against doing so.

However, if Valorant receives any input from a player like him shooting throughout the round, they will not be detected as an AFK. Hence some players tend to use auto-clickers, just to remain active and earn XP by the end of the game.

Valorant is a team game and requires effort from all the players with proper communication and cooperation. AFK players hamper competitive integrity, thereby affecting the other active players in the match. Furthermore, it provides the enemies with extra cash for killing the AFK player.

This is one of the major concerns as the player gets no AFK ban or penalty for being active by using auto-clicker, yet fetches XP at the end of the game. It breaks the entire balance of Valorant's matchmaking system.

Riot Games should look into it and can hopefully issue different ways to detect such AFK players.

Published 02 May 2021
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