Cypher vs Killjoy in Valorant: Which Sentinel is the best pick for Fracture?

Who is the best Sentinel agent for Valorant players in Fracture? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Who is the best Sentinel agent for Valorant players in Fracture? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fracture is the latest addition to Valorant's map pool. The map's unique structure, which allows instant rotation between bomb sites, adds an element of unpredictability, favoring the Attackers.

As of patch 3.10, Valorant has 4 Sentinels in their roster - Cypher, Killjoy, Sage and Chamber. As defensive agents, they are essential to the performance of the team despite possibly faring low on the scoreboard.


This article compares Cypher with Killjoy, with respect to their abilities in Valorant and the degree of their effectiveness as a Sentinel agent in Fracture.

Cypher vs Killjoy in Valorant: Facts, abilities, skills and pick rate


Cypher is a Valorant Sentinel agent from Morocco(Image via Valorant)
Cypher is a Valorant Sentinel agent from Morocco(Image via Valorant)


Since: Beta

Role: Sentinel

Origin: Morocco


Basic ability 1 (C): Trapwire

Tripwires that can be attached horizontally or vertically to terrain facing each other within a 9m distance. If triggered or destroyed, Cypher will be alerted. Enemy agents will be stunned for 3 seconds and will lose 5 HP health.

Basic ability 2 (Q): Cyber Cage

Cypher instantly tosses a device on the ground upon activating this ability. Within its range, he can enlarge the device to form a cylindrical cage that acts similar to a smoke. Cypher will be alerted with sound cues if enemies enter the cage.

Signature ability (E): Spycam

A spy cam that can be equipped in various parts of the map. Cypher's body will be vulnerable to attack while he is using his spycam. The spycam shoots marking darts on enemy agents. This free ability can be recalled and redeployed.

Ultimate ability (X): Neural Theft

Uses an eliminated enemy's body to reveal the location of the remaining enemy agents on the map. Cypher has to use his ultimate on an enemy agent within 20 seconds after their death. Neural Theft requires 6 ultimate points.



Cypher perfectly defines his role as a Sentinel. All of his abilities make him the best recon agent in Valorant. Cypher's spycam (E) and trapwire (C) help alert the team to enemy attacks from the rear side.

In defense, his abilities assist him in controlling both bomb sites without being physically present at the location. His ultimate (X) is a versatile ability that can come in handy in 1v1s in particular.

Pick Rate

As per valorbuff, Cypher has a 17.3% pick rate with a win rate of 46.8% in competitive matchmaking across all maps, with an 18.4% pick rate in Valorant's most recent map - Fracture.


Killjoy is a German Sentinel in Valorant (Image via Valorant)
Killjoy is a German Sentinel in Valorant (Image via Valorant)


Since: Version 1.05

Role: Sentinel

Origin: Germany


Basic ability 1 (C): Nanoswarm

Nanoswarm grenade that is active for 4 seconds and deals 45 HP damage per second.

Basic ability 2 (Q): Alarmbot

A recallable bot, which if triggered, renders enemy agents vulnerable for 4 seconds.

Signature ability (E): Turret

A redeployable turret that alerts the agent and shoots enemies while Killjoy is within its range. The turret has a turning radius of 180 degrees, and deals damage to any opponent within sight, ranging from 48 HP to 192 HP per burst, depending on the range.

Ultimate ability (X): Lockdown

A lockdown device that displays a 10 second timer for enemy players to evacuate the area. Enemy agents who fail to exit the radius get detained for 8 seconds. Lockdown requires 7 ultimate points.



Killjoy's advanced abilities offer her assistance during gunfights as her Turret (E) is difficult to destroy and deals considerable damage to opponents. Her alarmbot (Q) can be deployed to catch silent approaches by the enemy.

Killjoy can combine her alarmbot with her nanoswarm (C) to maximize damage. Both abilities can be lined up and deployed in order to favor the agent in post-plant situations.

Pick rate

Across all maps, Killjoy has a pick rate of 34.6% in competitive matchmaking, with a 55.6% win rate. In Fracture, the Sentinel has a 39.9% pick rate in competitive, with a 62.6% win rate, according to valorbuff.

Cypher vs Killjoy in Fracture: Which Sentinel should Valorant players choose?

Fracture's most interesting feature is the two-way zipline in the middle of the map that connects the ends of both bomb sites, making it convenient for players to juggle between sites.

Cypher's camera can be effective in Fracture as it helps the agent avail information without changing position. In comparison, Killjoy's Turret comes short as she has to be within its range for it to be effective.

Killjoy's skillset makes it difficult to contain bomb sites on the defensive end. Both sites in Fracture have multiple entry points, which renders her Turret ineffective. As an attacker, the lineup locations limit her ability in post-plant situations, in comparison to other maps. Enemies can also easily avoid her Lockdown (X) by using the ziplines.

Cypher's skillset is versatile, but particularly favored for Fracture, due to the way the Valorant map is structured. If players are limited to one Sentinel per team as recommended, Cypher can provide the stability they need in Fracture.

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