Breach vs KAY/O in Valorant: Which agent is a better Initiator in Split?

Valorant: Is KAY/O a better Initiator than Breach in Split? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant: Is KAY/O a better Initiator than Breach in Split? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adarsh J Kumar

Valorant players ideally require 2 Initiators in their team. However, in the lower ELOs, teams often opt for 2 Duelists with a single Initiator in the 5-man squad.

Players have a choice of 4 Initiators in Valorant - KAY/O, Breach, Sova, and Skye. KAY/O and Breach have similar utilities with respect to their ability to blind and neutralize opponents.


Valorant's current map pool includes seven maps. This article provides a comparative analysis of Breach and KAY/O for their effectiveness in Split.

Breach vs KAY/O in Valorant: Facts, abilities, skills and pick rate


Breach is a Valorant Initiatior hailing from Sweden (Image via Sportskeeda)
Breach is a Valorant Initiatior hailing from Sweden (Image via Sportskeeda)


Since: Beta

Role: Initiator

Origin: Sweden


Basic Ability 1 (C): Aftershock

Breach can fire a series of 3 explosive bursts through walls, dealing 60 HP in damage with every burst.

Basic Ability 2 (Q): Flashpoint

Breach can release a quick blinding explosion through the wall that flashes enemies for 2 seconds.

Signature Ability (E): Fault Line

Discharges a seismic blast along a straight path, stunning all players caught up within range for 3.5 seconds. This ability recharges after 40 seconds.

Ultimate Ability (X): Rolling Thunder

This ability comes in the form of a seismic charge that Breach can discharge over a wide area. Enemy agents entrapped will get knocked back from their positions and will be dazed for 6 seconds. Rolling Thunder requires 7 Valorant ultimate points.



Breach is equipped with abilities that are capable of gaining entry into bomb sites. Paired with Jett or Yoru as Duelists, Breach can work out a few unpredictable combinations that can confuse opponents. His flashpoint (Q) and fault line (E) are ideal for opening up bombsites in Valorant for duelists to dash into. All of his Breach's abilities come in handy on defense as well. His ultimate ability (X) can help players fend off multiple enemies and emerge victorious.

Pick Rate

As per valorbuff, Breach has a pick rate of 9.4% across all maps in Valorant's Episode 3 Act 2. His pick rate increases to 10.2% on Split.


KAY/O is an Initiator in Valorant who came from an alternate timeline (Image via Sportskeeda)
KAY/O is an Initiator in Valorant who came from an alternate timeline (Image via Sportskeeda)


Since: Episode 3 Act 1

Role: Initiator

Origin: Alternate Timeline Earth


Basic Ability 1 (C): FRAG/ment

A frag grenade that sticks to horizontal surfaces and causes heavy damage to opponents or enemy devices caught in range. The fragment lasts for 4 seconds, dealing 25 HP to 60 HP damage per second.

Basic Ability 2 (Q): FLASH/drive

A quintessential flashbang that bursts to blind the players exposed to the explosion.

Signature Ability (E): ZERO/point

KAY/O can throw a blade that sticks to any surface and suppresses players' abilities within the radius for 8 seconds. ZERO/point is available for free and recharges after 40 seconds.

Ultimate Ability (X): NULL/cmd

Energy pulsing from KAY/O creates a circumference around the agent. Agents caught within will have their abilities suppressed for 4 seconds per tick. The ability lasts for 12 seconds, with each tick lasting 4 seconds. KAY/O will also receive combat stimulation.

If killed during the ultimate, KAY/O can be revived by teammates within 15 seconds, unless enemy agents deal 850 HP damage to destroy KAY/O's body. NULL/cmd requires seven ultimate points in Valorant.



KAY/O's suppression blade (E) can lock up bomb sites in defensive scenarios and gain entry into sites to plant the spike. His flashbang (Q) and frag grenade (C) are flexible abilities that can be effective in various scenarios. KAY/O's ultimate (X) reduces the enemy's skill level by neutralizing their abilities and can be very effective when combined with the team.

Pick Rate

KAY/O has a 13.5 % pick rate across all Valorant maps in Episode 3 Act 2, with a 13.6% in Split.

Comparative analysis of Breach and KAY/O with respect to their effectiveness in Split

KAY/O possesses an ability toolkit that is capable of locking down charging opposition while on the defensive end. In Split, however, both bomb sites have narrow entry points leading to the site. Both sites have multiple angles that defenders can hold to fend off the entry, including aerial advantage positions.

Breach's ability to deploy his utilities through walls will prove effective in clearing out narrow regions during entry into bomb sites in Split. If paired with the perfect controller, Breach would be ideal for aiding duelists to gain access to bombsites in Split.

On the defensive end, Breach is most useful when paired with an Initiator who can provide recon. His ability to damage opponents through walls is convenient while holding bomb sites in Split.

Compared to Breach's abilities, KAY/O offers less support in attacking scenarios. Being efficient on both ends, Breach is a suitable Initiator for players to choose for Split in Valorant.

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