Dell Futurist Gaming: Valorant tournament announced in partnership with Team Liquid and Alienware

Dell Futurist Gaming: Valorant (Image by Dell)
Dell Futurist Gaming: Valorant (Image by Dell)

Over the last year, Valorant has not only established a worldwide esports community, with its own league, the Valorant Champions Tour but has also established itself to be the top esports of Indian and the overall South Asia region.

Various organizers are hosting amazing Valorant tournaments with peak competitive performance on a regular basis. Dell, along with The Esports Club, is the latest organizer to announce a top-tier tournament, Dell Futurist Gaming Challenge for the Valorant game.

Dell has partnered with Team Liquid, one of the top esports organizations, to award the top team with a 1-on-1 mentoring session and some exciting Team Liquid merchandise, along with an exclusive tour of their Head Offices.

The event will be held from 21-31 October 2021, and interested players can register till 17 October at Dell Futurist Gaming.

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Dell Futurist Gaming Challenge will reward the winner with a 1-on-1 mentoring session with Team Liquid and other exciting prizes!

Valorant, developed and published by Riot Games, took over the world when it was released back in June 2020. The easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master gameplay loop, paired with the free-to-play model and low specs requirement, makes Valorant one of the most approachable games, both in a competitive and casual capacity.

Valorant's popularity has flourished in India alongside the rest of the world. Organizers such as The Esports Club have been bringing numerous opportunities for the Valorant community to partake in massive tournaments and sharpen their esports skills.

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Dell, in partnership with The Esports Club and Team Liquid, is bringing Dell Futurist Gaming: Valorant, that’ll give young aspiring Valorant Esports players the opportunity to make their mark in the Professional Esports scene, get first-hand experience, and compete for a prize pool of ₹1,50,000 INR.

Popular streamer Jonas “AverageJonas” Navarsete, Team Liquid coach Connor “Sliggy” Blomfield, and analyst Jake “HowsTheBacon” Lloyd will be closely associated with the upcoming Dell Futurist Gaming: Valorant.

The Team Liquid Masterclass will give players an overview of the lifestyle of an esports athlete; schedules, practices, and healthy lifestyle, as well as dive deep into different aspects of Valorant.

From map basics of Split, Haven, and Icebox; Agents and roles of Controller Astra, Initiator Sova, and Sentinel Sage, the Team Liquid Valorant roster will guide players to develop their understanding of the game, along with utility and economic management.

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How to egister for Dell Futurist Gaming Challenge

The Tournament will take place from 21-31 October, and interested players need to register before 17 October 2021.

  1. Click on Dell Futurist Gaming.
  2. Scroll down and click on 'Next' to begin registration.
  3. Players will have to select if they will be participating solo or as part of a team.

The winners will get a virtual tour of Team Liquid's training facility along with Team Liquid merchandise, as well as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a mentoring session with the Valorant Squad of Team Liquid.

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