Duelist to Duality, the Story of Valorant so far

Duality, new Valorant lore cinematic (Image by Riot Games)
Duality, new Valorant lore cinematic (Image by Riot Games)

The new Valorant Cinematic Duality answers some questions but raises new questions as well.

During the nail-biting intense grand final of Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik, where Sentinels faced off against Fnatic, a brand new Valorant cinematic, Duality, was unveiled. It confirmed the long-standing fan theory of mirror verse, as well as explaining the functionality of spikes amongst others. However, the cinematic has also raised some new questions that have left fans scrambling.


In a recent Dev Diary, Creative Director David Nottingham connected the story threads and discussed the narrative of Valorant.

Dualist to Duality, connecting the Valorant lore

On June 2nd 2021, Valorant completed its first anniversary. Within a year, Valorant has grown to be one of the most popular games in the entire world, both as an esports and as a strong narrative.

With the launch of its first episode, Episode 1 Ignition, Riot Games debuted the cinematic Duelist. The cinematic follows Phoenix as he chases Jett carrying a high-value package. When Phoenix failed to stop Jett, the package was ignited, which caused a reality distorting effect on a major city.


David Nottingham describes Duality as:

The day after IGNITION, the world is in shock. VALORANT PROTOCOL—a covert operation set up to prevent just such disasters—scrambles to make sense of the unfolding events. Analysis of Venice and the remnants of the package suggests the detonation of a device harnessing the power of Radianite, previously thought to be a clean and safe source of energy.
VALORANT Agents locate another of these devices at a Kingdom site in Morocco. When placed into the ground, this “Spike” goes through its activation sequence. In a short time, can our Agents work together to neutralize the device, and prevent another disaster?
Can they overcome their biggest foes, which turn out to be...themselves?

While duality does present new information regarding the world of Valorant, it also raises some new questions.

Who are these "mirror" agents?

Are they two sides of the same coin?

Why is one side seemingly acting as the aggressor?

What is the meaning of that final shot of Earth that seems almost split in two?

When does Retake Take place?

The Story of Valorant has so far dev diary connects the two cinematic Duelists, which debuted with the launch of episode 1, and Duality, which is expected to coincide with the launch of Episode 3. However, it does not mention Retake, the cinematic which debuted with Episode 2 and introduced Yoru. Fans were left speculating if the events of the Retake would take place after the Duality event.


It is possible that "mirror" agents Jett, Viper, and Cypher returned to the main earth, where they faced against Phoenix and Yoru in Icebox.

Even though the game is just a year old, the narrative has only just begun. David Nottingham promises new information over the next year, which also raises new questions regarding Valorant lore.

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