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Everything about the new Magepunk collection in Valorant

the new Magepunk Collection in Valorant Image by Riot Games
the new Magepunk Collection in Valorant Image by Riot Games
Modified 29 Mar 2021

Riot Games is introducing a new steampunk-inspired Magepunk weapon collection in Valorant.

Following the massive success of the cyberpunk-inspired Glitchpop collection, Riot Games introduces the neo-Victorian steampunk-inspired Magepunk collection in Valorant.

The weapon skin will be available for purchase from the in-game store from April 1-14, 2021.

Magepunk is the niche sub-genre of steampunk, where alternative history allows for the introduction of magical elements. Riot Games blended the Steampunk genre's design aesthetics with an alternate timeline of magical inspiration to create the perfect blend of magepunk in the new Magepunk Collection.

Magepunk Collection price and level guide in Valorant

The new Magepunk bundle consists of five new weapon skins, along with a player card, spray, and gun buddy. It will be available for sale from April 1, 2021.

Magepunk was crafted during the Neo-Victorian Magical Industrial Revolution when old weapons and technology first met the modern world.

It is a melding of retroelements and a juxtaposition of classical times with futurism. It’s deliberate, refined, and technologically superior while still feeling elegant and handcrafted.

The prices for the Magepunk Collection bundle and individual weapons are as follows:


Magepunk Bundle - 6,734 VP

  • Magepunk Ghost - 1,775 VP
  • Magepunk Spectre - 1,775 VP
  • Magepunk Bucky - 1,775 VP
  • Magepunk Marshal - 1,775 VP
  • Magepunk Electroblade (Melee) - 1,775 VP
  • Magepunk Player Card - 375 VP
  • Magepunk Spray - 325 VP
  • Magepunk Buddy (x2) - 475 VP
The Magepunk Collection Image by Riot Games
The Magepunk Collection Image by Riot Games

The levels for the Magepunk weapon skin in Valorant are as follows:


  • Level 1 - Unique melee model
  • Level 2 - Custom equip animation and electric swipes; the centerpiece of the melee is exposed, and electricity visual effects can be seen inside the glass
  • Level 3 - Green visual effects
  • Level 4 - Purple visual effects
  • Level 5 - Orange visual effects


  • Level 1 - Unique Model
  • Level 2 - Custom muzzle flash and firing audio (with electricity visual effects seen through the glass in the silencer)
  • Level 3 - Animations and exposed glass components, through which electricity visual effects are visible
  • Level 4 - Finisher and Kill Banner
  • Level 5 - Green visual effects
  • Level 6 - Purple visual effects
  • Level 7 - Orange visual effects

With such a unique design, Magepunk will certainly soon become a fan favorite weapon skin in Valorant.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 20:31 IST
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