Valorant: How popular is the game now that it has gotten an official launch?


Valorant’s closed beta has had an unprecedented level of popularity and success ever since its release in April. And now with the game getting officially launched on the 2nd of June, many are wondering how much more popular the game would get, now that the entire world has access to it.

Though Valorant might look like a combined copy of CS: GO and Overwatch at first glance, there are many unique elements in the game that sets it apart from both these titles. From having Agents with varying personalities and abilities to boasting an easier learning curve, Valorant provides a lot to fans.

It was able to attract players from every other FPS genre as well as gamers who haven’t ever played a shooter before.

With the closed beta of Valorant getting so popular, many expected the official release of the game to be as highly sought after as well. And truth be told, the Valorant full game has not failed to impress. This is evident in the fact that in just a few hours after its full launch, the Valorant servers were overloaded, crashed and had to be put under maintenance.

Now after almost two weeks of Valorant's full launch, let’s take a look at just how popular the game is at the moment.

How many players are playing Valorant?

As there is no official number of active Valorant players released by Riot Games, we have to base a few things on conjecture and previous statistical data.

By the end of the closed beta, which was on the 28th of May, Riot had released a press statement that mentioned the total number of players who had been active during the Valorant beta.

In the statement, the studio stated that "nearly three million players logged on each day to play Valorant" during the game's two-month long beta testing period. It’s important to note here that at that time the closed beta was available to just a handful of players who were lucky enough to get their hands on the Valorant beta key.

Players had to get Twitch drops by watching Valorant streams on the platform and only then were they eligible for a beta.

So if there were three million players during the closed beta, one can only guess the staggering number that will be there now after Valorant's official launch.

Valorant Player count through Twitch Viewership:

Another way of getting an idea about how many players are actually playing Valorant on a daily basis is by looking at the Twitch viewership graph.

Take from Twitch
Take from Twitch

According to the above statistics, it seems that Valorant had peak Twitch viewership of more than one million two months ago on the 6th of April. It seems that the viewership of the game was much more during the closed beta than what it is right now after the official launch.

However, there is a valid reason for that. During the beta phase, players were constantly viewing Valorant streams and content, or leaving the stream open in the background in the hopes of getting a beta drop .

This resulted in a lot of false viewership numbers resulting in the game breaking all Twitch viewership records in the first month itself.

Hence, the current viewership stats of the official game is a more accurate description of how popular Valorant is at the moment. The game stands in 6th position in the current viewership rankings, just behind some of the more established and popular titles like CS: GO, Dota 2 and Fortnite.

So, we now know how popular Valorant is right now.

Edited by Bhargav