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G2 Valorant pro Mixwell is not a big fan of Yoru, calls for significant buffs to his kit

Modified 17 Feb 2021
Mixwell provided the Valorant community with two solutions that can help make Yoru viable on the competitive stage (Image via Riot Games)

When it comes to the Valorant professional scene, Agent number 14 Yoru is not exactly a fan favorite.

Even though the shooter’s latest Agent comes with one of the most unique kits in the game, he hardly ever sees the light of day on the competitive stage.

It’s not that Yoru comes with a very weak kit. His abilities are quite strong when used right, and he can 1v5 games by creating the element of confusion among his enemies.

When it comes to standard matchmaking in Valorant, Yoru averages a 28% pick rate according to, which just goes to show that he is quite a popular pick in ranked solo queue.

However, in the professional scene, his abilities fall short of expectations, and many Valorant players find his kit to be quite underwhelming especially in terms of synergizing with the rest of the Agents in the game.

G2 Esports’ Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho recently gave his take on the Yoru conundrum and stated that the Valorant Agent requires some significant buffs.

G2 Valorant pro Mixwell asks for Yoru buffs


In a recent tweet, Mixwell provided the Valorant community with two solutions that can help make Yoru viable on the competitive stage:

  1. Flash hitbox should be really small, to be able to flash properly without hitting corners.
  2. Lower the range to hear the teleport.

Yoru’s flash comes with a large hitbox, and this significantly reduces its viability in clutch situations. The hitbox doesn’t allow the flash to hit a small area and bounce off of it, and it just explodes on impact.

Secondly, Yoru’s teleport ability “Gatecrash” makes way too much noise when activated and alerts his enemies.

It's not that teleport abilities in Valorant are silent. Each ability in the shooter has a distinct sound cue. However, the noise that Yoru’s teleport ability makes is a bit too loud and can alert enemies who are quite far away.

This gives away the element of surprise, especially during pro play when team comms are at their best.

Yoru might be strong in Valorant’s solo queue, but when it comes to pro play, he needs some quality of life adjustments to be viable.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 13:14 IST
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