Gaia's Vengeance skin-line in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2: Expected pricing, release date, variants and more

New weapon bundle coming to Riot's shooter in Episode 4 Act 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
New weapon bundle coming to Riot's shooter in Episode 4 Act 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 is just on the horizon as the previous season is almost close to an end, which introduced the community to agent Neon.

The new season is likely to bring the most anticipated Yoru rework, which happens to be a hot topic in the community at the moment. Apart from this, the new update will also come with a new Battlepass and a new premium skin line for purchase.


Valorant’s next season is likely to be released on March 1, 2022, and will mark the arrival of all the new content in the shooter game. This article, in particular, will give all the information on the new premium skin-line that is coming to the game and things players should be aware of.

Gaia’s Vengeance: The latest premium skin bundle coming to Valorant in Episode 4 Act 2

Gaia’s Vengeance is going to be the next premium skin bundle that Valorant will get after the Tigris bundle that was added in Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 1. According to leaks, the skin pack will be released alongside the Episode 4 Act 2 update, which implies it will be available next week on March 1, 2022.

The skins seem to have a tree-like theme going on with additional power crystals attached to them. For lore, the bundle might be based on Greek Goddess Gaia who is also known as mother Earth. The new bundle will have four variants and will feature colors like Red, Cyan, Green, and Orange, from which players can make their choice.

The bundle will cover weapons like Ghost, Marshal, Vandal, Guardian, and will also come with a melee axe. Additionally, the bundle will also include an exclusive player card, charm, and spray as well.

As for pricing, no information has been revealed about it so far, however, it can be assumed to some extent. Since the bundle comes with skins for five weapons and a few cosmetic items, it is expected that the collection will cost at least 8,000 VP. However, that is mere speculation.

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